Water Tower

The perfect place to relax

Talk with friends, have a casual meeting, or snap photos of one of the city's most recognizable icons with the colorful jets of water from the fountain as your scenic backdrop. With its Baroque design and central location, the Mannheim Water Tower is the principal emblem of the city. It is the striking masterpiece in the majestic landscape gardens of Friedrichsplatz, flanked by fountains and floral displays. Ascend the outdoor staircase to the base of the tower for a view of these spectacular gardens.

Mannheim's favorite meeting spot

Meet friends at this popular gathering point and capture photos of the water tower, which is 200 feet (60 meters) tall, surrounding an interior tank with a diameter of 53 feet (16 meters). It comprises a cylindrical structure made from dark yellow sandstone. Inspect the sculptures of mythological figures, such as the sea goddess Amphitrite and the Sphinx. See the bronze nymphs surrounding the water feature. Watch the jets of water make crisscrossing patterns as they spout from the fountain in front of the structure. In the evening, the streams of water are brightly illuminated, making a mesmerizing display. Sit on a patch of grass and admire the rings of seasonal flowers that surround the fountain. Read a book on one of the benches adorning the pedestrian paths meandering through this park. Consider the past function of this water tower, which was completed in the late 1800s. It historically served as a reservoir and held the town's drinking water, though it is now just a monument. The structure was partially destroyed in World War II, before being rebuilt, along with completion of repairs of the damaged Friedrichsplatz.

Note that the fountain shows take place in the summer months, with the color show generally on weekend nights. The Mannheim Water Tower is in the northwestern part of Friedrichsplatz park in the heart of the city. You get the best view of the water tower from one of the surrounding cafés on the Friedrichsplatz. Sitting under the arcades sipping a cup of coffee is guaranteed to give you a Mediterranean feeling. On summer evenings, you can marvel at the water fountain choreography. In the winter, the Christmas market around the Wasserturm is worth a visit too, or take the time to visit other sites and structures nearby including the Kunsthalle Mannheim art museum, the Schatzkistl theater, and the Congress Center Rosengarten.

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