Leipzig University

Leipzig is widely known to be the city of music and the cradle of Germany's 18th century philosophy that we now know as the age of enlightenment. Founded in 1409 and second oldest University of Germany, Leipzig university counts today over 30,000 students dispatched between 14 departments. Follow the footsteps of its famous alumni, such as German Chancellor Angela Merkel, poet Goethe and philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. The school is well-known for its expertise in natural science. Nobel Prize winners in the fields of physics and chemistry have taught here, and the psychology department is one of the most renowned in Germany. One of the most famous universities in Germany where Germany's greatest thinkers have studied and one of Germany's most beloved cities for students - popular for both learning and living. Studying in Leipzig is thus considered to be quite of a privilege, especially if your German skills improve to the level of getting to truly understand the concepts of famous German philosophers and artists. Such well-known luminaries as Lessing, Klopstock and Goethe all came to Leipzig to pursue their studies. The great professors Werner Heisenberg, Theodor Mommsen, Gustav Hertz, Peter Debye, Nathan Söderblom and Wilhelm Ostwald all taught here - each of them Nobel Prize winners.

Leipzig has always been a meeting place for thinkers and intellectuals. Philosophers like Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz and Ernst Bloch continue to this day to influence the thinking in this city. An exciting student life Leipzig has a thriving student life boasting a significant number of student-run bars, sports clubs and recreational facilities for students. The student body in Leipzig is diverse, not only due to the broad spectrum of subjects at the university but also because of the other higher education institutions in the city. The Moritzbastei is the largest student club in Germany, it is part of the historic city fortifications of Leipzig and is famous for its atmosphere and large number of cultural events, organized by and for the students, like the annual Leipzig book fair, a dance festival, choir concerts, and many other thrilling events. There are numerous courses offered in performing arts every semester and in the field of sports, the university offers training opportunities and courses in almost all disciplines.

The Paulinium building

With the design made by Erick van Egeraat, decades of debate about the reconstruction of university's Pauliner Church came to an end. Erick van Egeraat did not propose to rebuild the church stone by stone but instead created a new building powerful enough to revive the memories of what once was. The impressive vaults with the glass ensure that space, regardless of the glass sliding doors, can be experienced as a united whole. With the opening of the last part of the project – the Paulinum and ‘Andachtsraum', the new Leipzig University located at the Augustusplatz in Leipzig, regains her dignified identity and rightfully reclaims her significance for the Leipzig, Germany and the world.

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