Ettlingen Palace

The palace of Ettlingen was built as baroque work of art in the year 1727 and now serves as cultural central point of the city of Ettlingen. Offering art exhibitions and collections as well as hosting the well-known castle festival "Ettlinger Schlossfestspiele," the palace is a perfect place for art lovers and historically interested visitors. The annual castle festival takes place directly in front of the impressive scenery of the castle's courtyard. In addition, the palace of Ettlingen offers diverse function rooms for small and larger events. Next to the great hall with its magnificent frescoes, also the "Asamsaal" can be booked for events. The former chapel of the castle is perfectly suitable for concerts and cultural events thanks to its great acoustics.

History of the palace

From the original medieval castle to the grandiose baroque palace, gaze upon 800 years of architectural history. Built in the mid-13th century by Margrave Rudolf I of Baden, the castle is thought to be built on the ruins of other two, possibly three other buildings. However, such things could not be verified, and in the 16th century a restoration of the palace had taken place. A grand renaissance benefited the 13th century castle, and 1689 during the Palatine war of succession, the French troops destroyed the palace and the city. During the 18th century the palace had been rebuilt with the aspect of a captivating and luxurious Baroque palace with four wings. In the present days, the palace is both a venue for different kinds of events and a museum with collections concerning regional art works, paintings gallery, local history, and archaeology.

Get married in a castle

To make a dream come true on your wedding day, what about getting married in the castle of Ettlingen? The historic halls of the castle and the picturesque castle courtyard offer a purely romantic ambiance for you and your guests.

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