Albertplatz Square

Watch the grand fountain work its magic on this city square named after King Albert of Saxony and designed according to the plans of the architect to the imperial court Gottlob Friedrich Thormeyer. The two twin fountains "Stille Wasser" (Still Waters) and "Stürmische Wogen" (Stormy Waves) caste in bronze are beautifully crafted and deserve admiration. Sitting at a traffic junction, it features ornamental flower beds and lots of green spaces.

History and design

In the 17th century, the square hosted a horse post station that was destroyed in the 1880s due to the railway development. Albertplatz is a great starting point for a walk through the Neustadt, or a place to finish with a drink or a picnic in this green area with the tranquil sounds of running water. On 1 September 1894, the fountains were ceremoniously put into operation. This was preceded by a competition launched by the city to design two wells. The groups of figures are made of bronze, and the fountain basins are made of granite. "Stormy Waves" represents the storm on wild steed, with a snake whip fighting with sea monsters. On the other hand, "Still Waters" is dreamy and a nymph plays with a lily in her hand surrounded by frogs, snails, and shells.


For the 1900 World Exhibition in Paris, the bronze fountain sculptures were dismantled and exhibited there as impressive examples of German foundry technology.

Other Attractions

Near the Albertplatz area, you will be able to find the Erich Kästner Museum which is located in Villa Augustin that was owned and inhabited by the author, satirist, poet, and screenwriter Erich Kästner. On the Northern edge of the Albertplatz lies another fountain called Tempiotto of the Artesian Fountain, created and designed by Hans Erlwein in 1906. The modern drinking fountain has a columnar back wall and an upstream basin of Oberlausitzer granite, and the temperature of the water is about 16° C, in winter as in summer.

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