Anhalt Theater

The red house in the heart of the city was originally conceived as a cultural center and opened in 2008. The Old Theater is the smaller venue of the Anhalt Theater and with its three different stages, offers a variety of theaters. Here, the puppet theater has its main stage with about 100 seats, entertaining both pre-school children and the general public alike, at special events. On the stages of the Old Theater, in the foyer and in the studio stands a 120-seat theater – where the main actors ensemble of the Anhalt Theater performs. With exciting pieces and new theater formats, there is scope for experimental, young and daring theater for you to enjoy. Discover the majesty of one of Europe's largest stage houses in a unique cultural landscape between world heritage sites, Luther, Bauhaus and Garden Kingdom. The Anhaltische Theater Dessau has a long tradition and produces theater and music for Dessau-Roßlau, the region (Anhalt, Wittenberg) and its guests, across five categories of music theater, concert, drama, ballet and puppet theater. The Great House on Peace Square was designed as a theater house for the entire region and can accommodate 1,070 guests. The Anhaltische Philharmonie - one of Saxony-Anhalt's oldest and most traditional orchestras - has its home here and offers a variety of symphony and chamber concerts.

Events throughout the year

Throughout the summer months, the orchestra also presents the popular lake concerts in the Garden Kingdom of DessauWörlitz. There is also the rocky island of Stein, where open-air theater regularly takes place. The Anhalt Theater attracts visitors from all parts of Germany with its stage art. Exciting events to look for throughout the theater's annual calendar include the Kurt Weill Fest, which hosts as many as 20,000 attendees annually. The festival sheds light on the developments in arts, politics and industry. Founded in 2008, the IMPULS Festival for New Music is one of the youngest festivals for new music. Every October or November, the primary orchestras of Germany, as well as the MDR Symphony Orchestra and the MDR Rundfunkchor, come together in a unique way, to present Saxony-Anhalt in numerous cities across the country. If visiting there in late spring, you can participate in the annual Schau Rein youth festival at the Old Theater. 

Developed throughout the year in conjunction with the Theater Youth Club and other groups throughout the city of Dessau-Roßlau, the program includes drama and improvisation workshops, musical workshops, performances, meetings and more. The theater also hosts Musikalische Schnitzeljagd, a musical scavenger hunt for elementary school students visiting the theater as a group. Within one morning, the individual instrument groups of The Anhalt Theater Dessau orchestra (woodwind, brass, strings, percussion) are tracked throughout the theater. The children also get to visit places that are otherwise hidden from most theatergoers. And at the end of the morning, the children experience what it sounds like when an entire orchestra plays.

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