Zoo Berlin

Known for being the oldest zoo in Germany, the Berlin Zoo is one of the most modern and popular animal sanctuaries in Europe and is a treat for the whole family. With 20,000 animals from more than 1,300 species, it has the most extensive collection in the world that includes elephants, giraffes, gorillas, and Germany’s only giant pandas. The zoo also has a big cat house, a hippopotamus house, a nocturnal animal house, and the biggest bird house in Europe. 

The history 

This world-famous zoo came into being in the mid 19th century as a collaborative effort of naturalist Alexander von Humboldt, African explorer Martin Hinrich Lichtenstein and landscape designer Peter Joseph Lenné. After three years of construction, the site opened its gates to the public in 1844. Their first animals were donated to the zoo by King Friedrich Wilhelm IV from his menagerie and peasantry in the Tiergarten. Over the years, the area of the zoo has been redesigned and extended a number of times to accommodate its growing population of animals. During the Second World War, the zoo faced grim times with only 91 of its 3700 animals surviving the war and most of the buildings destructed. Today, this zoological garden is one of Berlin's most visited attractions. 

The inhabitants 

Famous for having the world’s largest variety of species, the zoo is home to exotic animals like the Giant Panda and Siberian Ibex along with all-time favorites of kids such as giraffes, monkeys, and lions. If you want to do more than just see the animals, look up the feeding times on the official website and plan your visit to the animal enclosures accordingly. 

Fun for the whole family 

This popular destination offers everything from the youngest member of the family to the oldest among you. A petting zoo lets even small animal enthusiasts get up close with goats, piglets, and other domestic animals. More adventurous older ones will appreciate seeing the hippos up close from an underwear walkway. There are many options for guided tours if you want more from your visit, including a special one for photography enthusiasts. 

More from the animal kingdom and underwater world 

The adjoining venues of Tierpark and Aquarium bring to you even more wonders. The Berlin aquarium is one of the well-known aquariums of Europe with an impressive diversity of species, including countless varieties of fish and hundreds of impressive reptiles and insects. Located behind the Berlin zoo is Europe’s biggest animal park, Tierpark. The parkland is home to more than 9,000 animals around the world. With a historic mansion, free train rides, and interesting experiences such as llama walk, camel pastures, flamingo lagoons, elephant herds, and more, Tierparken takes you on a zoological adventure that you are not likely to cherish.