Liquidrom Berlin

Sitting atop the Berlin skyline with its futuristic design, the exterior of the Liquidrom spa looks like something from another world, and the hi-tech treats and delights within do not disappoint either. The complex is built to look like an abstract tent, a design choice meant to honor the site's previous life as a massive train station in World War II. It was also an area in which buskers would perform on a regular basis to impress the passing public with their musicality and talent.

Inside the ultra-modern structure, any reminder of those travel hub days are gone, and replaced with top-of-the-line spa facilities made of clean lines and comfortable contours. This complete takeover was designed with the aim of creating a futuristic style of building that evokes a feeling of escapism. The Liquidrom is outfitted with a selection of saunas and baths, as well as clean, new changing facilities. Here, there is always an aim for delivering quality and excellence in every room.

However, all of these industry standard relaxation options pale in comparison to the showpiece of the whole building which is the large salt water floating pool. Surrounded by large arches, the dimly lit pool is brought to life by multi-colored lights and music that is meant to be heard under the water. From classical to techno, the music and lights run different programs which can be checked on the website and customized depending on your wants and needs. While the goal of the pool is to promote relaxation, the overall effect looks like something straight out of A Clockwork Orange or some other strange science fiction classic. This is how the future of relaxation should look and it is a bold and innovative approach to winding down.

Throughout the year, there are a series of events and performances inside the spa that vary in their styles. Whether you are looking for a relaxed atmosphere or perhaps more of a fiesta atmosphere, there are events to suit every occasion year round. Not only is there a selection of saunas and baths, but there is also a wide selection of massages that are available with any booking. Try out a hot stone massage to release those tense joints, or try a more traditional classic back massage. One thing is guaranteed when entering the Liquidrom: You will certainly come out feeling very different compared to when you entered.