Jewish Museum Berlin

Discover the entire history of Jewish people in Germany

Founded in 1933 as the first Jewish Museum in Berlin, the museum now exhibits the history starting from the 4th century, the holocaust to the present day. The museum focuses on the German – Jewish history, which can be found in the permanent collections, exhibitions and is also reflected in the museum's interactive event program. Visit the museum, located in an architectural building in the former area of West Berlin before the fall of the Wall

Learn, behold and experience.

The museum is housed next to the original Prussian court of the justice building, which now serves as the entrance of the new building. The building consists of 3 levels. Here you will be able to learn more about the different facets and sections within Judaism. On the first floor, many artifacts are on display, like personal statements, which give first hand insights into what happened to the Jewish community from 1930 to the Holocaust. The basement enhances the first floor in an impressive and intense way.

The museum is more than a memorial alone.

All the elements of the building together represent the whole of the Jewish history. As a visitor you can experience the darkness and the cold of the destruction that was caused during the Second World War. For example, the pattern of the Garden of Exile is meant to disorient visitors. Or consider "The Voids" artwork, which cuts through the entire vertical axis of the building and addresses the emptiness and loss experienced by the Jews. One of the most well-known voids contains the "Fallen Leaves", which consists of 10.000 plates made of iron, shaped into the form of faces. The plates in the Memory Void room reflect the victims of the Holocaust. The Axis of the Holocaust ends in the ‘Voided Void', also known as the ‘Holocaust Tower'. Daylight penetrates only through a narrow slit into the unheated, muffled silo. Accordingly, many of the visitors state that they got a small sense of the feeling that more than 6 million people must have experienced 70 years ago. The Jewish Museum Berlin is the place to learn about the Jewish history in Germany and to take a look at the future, for both the young and old. Besides the permanent collections, there are 4 impressive banquet rooms for cultural or community events as well.