Charlottenburg Palace

Once a royal summer residence, Charlottenburg Palace is considered one of the main attractions of Berlin and also one of the largest and most stunningly beautiful palaces in all of Germany. Named after Sophia Charlotte, the first Queen consort in Prussia, after her untimely death aged just 36, the palace is a homage to her and today this is one of the must see attractions of Berlin and a highlight for anyone who elects to visit. 

In the new wing, you can view the staterooms and the rococo ballroom known as the "Golden Gallery". The Silver Vault includes quite sublime tableware of gold, silver and glass displayed on the tables. Around 100 tables have survived fully intact, and they showcase the class and style of the mansion in a vivid and pleasing way. Another impressive display is that of the remaining pieces of the Prussian crown jewels, completed by the imperial insignia and quirky designs of treasures including some perfectly preserved snuffboxes and other trinkets littered throughout. The Porcelain Cabinet in the Old Palace - re-opened on 1st October, 2017 - offers a stunning selection of the finest blue-and-white porcelain decorating the entire space. On the dome of the palace, you can see a golden figure of the goddess Fortuna balancing on a sphere. She carries an outstretched cloak, making her rotate in the wind. This striking statue was designed in the twentieth century, but was inspired by the original weather vane from 1711.

Not only is the palace a striking site to behold, it also hosts a series of events throughout the year such as concerts in the Orangery. This is an evening that would include a gala dinner and superb live concerts from the Berliner Residenz Orchester in the former Orangery. Dressed in elaborate baroque costumes and wigs, the orchestra and singers perform much-loved pieces of classical music and fill the halls with decadent music. In addition to this, there is the annual Charlottenburg Palace Christmas Market. During the festive season, the palace provides an atmospheric setting for a relaxed Christmas market with stalls selling arts and crafts and traditional festive treats, which is a wonderful day out for all the family.

A mainstay for the Berlin experience, this palace is one of the more beautiful sites in the city. Between the stunning interior and the long beautiful garden walks this is a relaxing day out enjoying a stunning estate that has withstood the test of time. Book your ticket in advance to not miss out.