Ethnographic Museum

Ethnographic museum Borjghalo is a must see cultural center located in Kakhaberi Settlement in Batumi, Georgia. It is 20 minutes drive from Batumi's city center by bus and it is also close to the Makhuntseti Waterfall. The Southwest of Georgia has always been distinguished for its agriculture as well as folkloric and artistic history. The government gave the owner of the museum Kemal Turmanidze 3,000 square meters of land where he has built all the necessarily equipped buildings and beautiful greenery to live out his dream; to get visitors acquainted with a real Adjarian village with creations of his own. His museum attracts many visitors from within Georgia and from overseas.

A museum like no other

Turmanidze is from the village of Namonastrevi in the Keda district of Ajara. From childhood he liked painting and making toys. He became interested in woodworking and is now an acclaimed master woodcarver. Everything in the museum was created by Mr Turmanidze; even the mannequins in the museum are made by the owner and they wear his own clothes! There are models of dwelling, agricultural and defense buildings, highlighting the daily life of Adjarian families, rich and poor. Be mesmerized by the hospitality of the owner who, with his three children, will be your guide and explain everything in detail (they speak English, Russian, and Turkish) as you look around this unique site. Learn how and when each item was made, as well as which material was used and why and if it is possible to use another one. Ask any questions you have and get an answer that sheds more light on this important part of Georgian culture.

Incredible carvings and art

Discover approximately two hundred of his wood carvings, such as decorative pannos, which have won many several exhibitions, special vessels for drinking, bowls and other interesting works of art. This charismatic owner has many future plans for the museum. Enjoy this unique exploration of Adjarian art and culture in an exciting and inspiring environment; museums will never seem the same again after a visit to this very different approach to displaying culture.