Akanda National Park

Must see national park

The Akanda National Park was officially recognized as a national park in 2002 and is one of the most popular wildlife attractions among visitors in all of Africa. Located in northeast Libreville, Akanda National Park is a treat for bird watchers. The park is home to a very large population of bird species - especially migratory birds. Witness rare migratory and local species in the wild The mudflats of the park are one of the most important winter sites in Africa for thousands of migratory shore birds coming from as far away as Europe, and distant regions of the African continent. Many of these species are extremely difficult to see in city areas including the Loango Carmelite, the Mouse-Brown Sun Bird, the Blue-Spotted Wood-Dove, the Gabon Boubou, and the Cuckoo Shrike. Whether you are a naturalist or not, you'll no doubt fall in love with this nature and animal preserve, as it was designed primarily to protect and showcase the biodiversity of Libreville's natural resources, whilst serving as a home to several species from around the world.

Go fishing, whale, or dolphin watching

Akanda National Park lies along both the Mondah and Corisco bay - an easy day trip from Libreville. The park is a scenic and inviting locale for fishing, water sports, whale and dolphin watching. Take the family for a relaxing day on one of the many glorious beaches, or spend the day exploring the lush forests. The creation of the park has also enabled conservationists to protect the region's mangroves, providing a steady food source for residents within the area for generations. See wild animal life A small number of talapoins and other monkeys, in addition to the African Manatee, call the Akanda mangroves home, for at least a portion of the year. Some sea turtles commute from as far away as Brazil to feed in these seaweed beds lining the rocky parts of the bay.

Check out unique regional flora and fauna

The wet coastal forest bordering the North of the peninsula, stretching from the forest of La Mondah through Akanda, hosts many plants that grow only in Gabon - primarily due to the extra moisture brought on by the sea. Among them are, rare orchids, palm trees, a wide variety of plants and foliage, and several species of butterflies. Akanda National Park is a unique place where fresh water streams are hugely impacted by the fluctuating tides, as the pressure of sea water adds to the creation of region-specific lifeforms, animals, plants, fauna and more. The park is a harmonious blend of forest and high-density mangroves, that line the banks of all the water sources in the area, and a joy to visit for the entire family.