Turku Cathedral and Old Great Square

One of Finland's most iconic sights, Turku Cathedral stands on the banks of the Aurajoki River in the city centre. The cathedral has been around since 1300 and still functions as the head church for the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland. Visitors to Turku can admire this medieval wonder with just a simple walk downstream from our hotel in Turku. This hotel in Turku, Finland, gives guests a comfortable bedroom to return to, at the end of a day's sightseeing, each outfitted with baroque décor and magic dreams beds for a peaceful night's sleep.

See a piece of Finland's history at Turku Cathedral

As Turku became a leading centre for maritime trade in the country, the head of the Finnish diocese transferred to the city, and a new cathedral was built. Turku Cathedral, over time, gained additions and improvements, leading to the church thousands now visits when in the city. The inside of the cathedral mostly dates from the 19th century, with the artwork and iconography commissioned following the Great Fire of Turku in 1827. Guests of Turku Cathedral will be dazzled by the Romantic murals of Robert Wilhelm Ekman, which adorn the walls and ceiling, and the scene of Christ's Transfiguration, painted on the altarpiece by Fredrik Weston. Carl Ludvig Engel, who designed the buildings of Helsinki's Senate Square, also had a hand in the interior restoration. The building has significance for all of Finland, with the cathedral's bells being played across national radio waves to this day. Our hotel is just a 15-minute walk from the cathedral, a prime sight to see while in Turku. Further on from the hotel, you can also find other important historical structures of Finland, such as Turku Castle.