Turku Castle

Built over 700 years ago, Turku Castle originally served as a seat for the rulers of Sweden, who controlled Finland for some years. Exquisitely preserved, the castle is a primary stop for sightseers in Turku to this day. Explore the grounds of Turku Castle from our hotel in Turku. Guests of this hotel in Turku, Finland, will be well-placed to explore the city, including the castle, which lies just a 30-minute walk or 10-minute drive down the Aurajoki River.

Step into the past at Turku Castle

The grounds at Turku Castle recall years gone by, before the struggle for Finnish independence from the neighboring Swedes and Russians. Turku Castle has a number of claims to fame in Finland, as it's the oldest surviving medieval building in the country, and the oldest building still in use. Built in 1280s as a fortified camp, improvements in the 14th century saw the encampment before a fully fledged castle, with its finishing touches being put in place in the 16th century. Throughout its existence, the renaissance-style Turku Castle has served many different purposes - the home of the governor and high court, a prison and a granary. In the late 19th century, officials converted Turku Castle into a museum, which it serves as today. The site is also a popular place to stage certain events in the city, including medieval age reenactments. Visitors to Turku Castle can easily reach their accommodation at the end of the day by staying at our hotel in Turku. This hotel in the city center and affords access to the Finnish city's greatest attractions, including the castle and nearby Turku Cathedral.