Nallikari Beach

When visiting the Hietasaari district on the shore of the Gulf of Bothnia, you must check out the Nallikari beach. It is an ideal spot for families if you are visiting during the summer, but even during winter, a stroll down the Finnish coast is worth your trip. It might not be the California beach, but if you are a sea lover, you know you will enjoy your time by the water stretching down a long sandy beach

Ideal location

The Nallikari beach is about half a kilometer long with fine sand and safe shores. It is really close to the Oulu city center. You can bike or walk there, as it will only take you 30 minutes. If you come by bus take number 15. In the summer there is a straight train from the center called Potnapekka. It will drop you off by the beach.

The summer joys

In the summer, the beach is filled with sunbathers that travel to enjoy the beach. The atmosphere is cheerful and there are plenty of ice cream shops to treat your palate with a local sweet delicacy. Swimming is safe and suited for all ages and swimming levels - it is a shallow current with barely any waves. Luckily the water is not too salty, and the temperature during the summer is relatively warm for being Scandinavia – it is ideal to refresh you in hot summer days. For your children find a play area. If you are a volleyball aficionado, bring a ball or stop by the courts in the beach. There's always room for an extra player. During this season, the beach also houses the Vauhtipuisto amusement park with plenty of rides and entertainment for all ages.

Discover the lighthouse

At the other end of the beach reach the beautiful little Majakka Lighthouse. It is an important landmark of the area and worth the stroll down to that end. It features a cozy café where you can take a break after the walk. The design of the white structure is quite futuristic and minimalist, typical from Scandinavia. Climb to the top to observe the sights – it is breathtaking. Make sure you bring your camera with you to take some snapshots.

Winter activities

In the winter a walk through the beach shore, to the Lighthouse is a must. Elsewhere, try some typical winter activities from the area such as sub glacial fishing, snowshoe walking, winter beach volleyball or cross-country. In addition, explore the Nallikari Winter Village hosting several snow activities for the entire family, which include snowmen competition and a husky safari. In the area find tracks in the wilderness to explore, bird-watching towers, a miniature golf, ski tracks, and a ball games hall. To enjoy a traditional meal, visit the Nallikari Restaurant, located right by the Lighthouse.