Old Town El Quseir

There is nowhere better on the Red Sea Riviera to sample a taste of local life than the winding lanes of El Quseir's Old Town. The sights and sounds of colorful and authentic bazaars permeate the narrow streets, where a quaint charm welcomes visitors to this relaxed coastal destination.

Charm of bygone days

El Quseir was previously a post of strategic importance on the Red Sea coast, evidence of which can be seen at the El Quseir fort and the old harbor. Today, officials are working hard to retain the heritage of the Old Town. However, you get the sense that time forgot to touch this place as you meander around the lanes flanked by the fading buildings with remnants of vibrant color and latticed windows. As you take in the coral-block architecture remnant of the Ottoman era, you are reminded of the town's important past.

Landmarks of the Old Town

The landmark buildings of the Old Town are the fort, the Shaykh Al-Farran Mosque, the Quarantine, and the Sheikh Tawfiq House. The fort dates back to the 16th century and even has a cannon in the premises. The oldest mosque of El Quseir, The Shaykh Al-Farran Mosque Quseir, stands testimony to the importance of Islam in the region. In the 1770s, the Quarantine was used as a grain store for Haj piligrims. The Sheikh Tawfik House belongs to the Chief of the Mosque and is one of the most beautiful buildings of the town with traditional wooden shutters covering one-third of the main facade.

The authentic experience

Souks selling varied ware are another attraction of the Old Town that you can't miss. Spend some time shopping like a local to soak in the atmosphere of the place. Buy some delicious fresh fruit or stop by one of the small cafés selling traditional Egyptian coffee for an authentic experience.

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