The Egypt Desert

From the El Quseir outpost on the Red Sea, you will also be able to explore Egypt's vast interior comprised of desert and small oases. Take a day trip out to the Egypt desert to marvel at the boundless sands and sample a taste of traditional Bedouin life.

Meet the nomads

Egypt's Eastern Desert - a portion of the Sahara Desert located east of the Nile River - lies closest to El Quseir. From El Quseir, travelers can book guided tours of the desert in order to experience a taste of a more rugged lifestyle. Look for tours that include a visit to the traditional Bedouin settlements for a glimpse of a nomadic lifestyle. You may get a chance to go for a camel ride.

Take a tour of Egypt's desert

Adventurous souls will enjoy hiking and trekking across barren plains and hills. The temperature in the Egypt desert can also climb above 40°C, matched with high winds for a challenging adventure. However, cool nights and the chance of dinner under the stars make the Egypt desert an unforgettable experience while on holiday in El Quseir. Many tours offer to spend the sunset in the desert to enjoy its fascinating lights. If you feel like staying longer, combine it to an Astro-tour, to observe planets and stars far away from artificial lights and the noise of the city.

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