Hanging Church

Located in the heart of Old Cairo, the Hanging Church is the most famous of the city's Coptic churches and an important historical site. Built above the gatehouse of an ancient Roman fort, the Hanging Church is an architectural marvel and an important monument to Cairo's history. The ancient splendor of the Hanging Church makes it one of Cairo's premier tourist attractions.

An ancient historic site

The Hanging Church in Old Cairo is believed to be the oldest in the city with a history that stretches back to the 4th century AD. Since its original construction, the Hanging Church has gone through many changes, with successive generations leaving their marks on the building. Climbing the 29 steps that lead to the Hanging Church takes visitors on a trip into a spectacular religious history full of ancient icons and breathtaking craftsmanship. The Hanging Church has some of Cairo's finest Coptic decorations, with intricate marble work covering most of the internal architectural features.

Planning a Cairo trip

The Coptic Christian faith has inhabited an important place in Egyptian Society for well over a thousand years. The Hanging Church is one of the Coptic Church's most important locations and visitors interested in the history of the city will find that the church is one of Cairo's most rewarding sites. The range of attractions offered by Cairo is staggering. From cutting edge culture at the Cairo Opera House to the antique majesty of the Hanging Gardens, there is something for everyone.