Lindholm Hoje

See history come alive at Lindholm Høje in Aalborg as you explore some of the best-preserved Viking findings in Scandinavia, ranging from settlements to burial sites.

A historic burial site

Overlooking the city of Aalborg, a grassy hill scattered with large boulders represents Scandinavia's largest burial ground. Nearly 700 graves dot the 42-meter-high hill, plus 150 stone ship outlines that were often used to mark Viking graves. The burial site and the surrounding area were caught in a sand drift and remained buried in sand for hundreds of years before being discovered by archaeologists. The burial sites date back to the Germanic Iron Age and the Viking Age.

An archaeological gem

To the north of the burial site was a village where archaeologists have found remains of dwellings and village life along with well-preserved artifacts dating back to the Viking Age. This historical site is of great significance to Denmark's cultural identity.

The museum—a peek into Viking history

The Lindholm Høje Museum takes you on a journey through time. Enjoy an educational and fun day while learning about the history of Denmark and its most famous inhabitants, the Vikings. Through impressive reconstructions, illustrations, panoramas, and 3D animations, you will discover how the Vikings lived in Aalborg and the Limfjord region: how they cultivated their fields, decorated their houses, cooked, and so much more.

Good to know

The museum is closed on Mondays. Check the official website for details. The museum café is well known in the area for serving up delectable Danish food, made fresh with locally sourced ingredients.