Kildeparken is thought to be the first public park in Aalborg, dating back to 1802. Located minutes away from the train station and important landmarks of Aalborg, this park is a popular attraction that is famous for its sculptures and the unique Park of Music with the Singing Trees exhibit.

Park of Music

The Park of Music in Kildeparken is like a musical guestbook for Aalborg. More than 90 artists have planted trees in this park when they visited the nearby Aalborg Congress & Culture Center. The first tree was planted here by Sir Cliff Richard in 1987 and the park was also inaugurated by him in 2012.

Singing trees

In a unique and playful twist, the trees play the music of the artist who planted that tree. Visitors to the park can enjoy the music of the stalwarts by pressing a button on a pillar at the foot of the tree. You might just hear the beautiful voices of Bob Dylan, Sting, Elton John, Kenny Rogers, Mariah Carey, and other musical legends as you walk into the park. It is not uncommon to see people dancing in delight as they take in the fun ambience in a tranquil setting. In December, some trees even play Christmas carols! The trees are planted in close proximity, so be prepared to hear an interesting medley if the park is crowded during your visit.

Artistic installations

The entrance to the Park of Music is marked by an art installation with eight pillars, which over time has become rusty red, giving it an intriguing characteristic. There is also an impressive fountain in Kildeparken, and the nearby Sculpture Park features works of many renowned artists.

Something for everyone

The beautiful garden is full of vitality and offers cozy corners in which to relax. An open-air stage hosts many events during the summer months. This local hotspot is free to visit and offers music and art alongside a water fountain and a children’s playground, making it an ideal place for all ages.