Wander through a maze of color and culture and get ready for some friendly bargaining at one of the biggest markets in the region. Located in the heart of Brazzaville, Poto-Poto Market is one of the most popular markets in the Republic of Congo and offers a huge variety of food, unique local arts and crafts, as well as an experience you won't forget quickly. With very affordable prices and bargain-friendly vendors, Poto-Poto can keep happy shoppers occupied for a full day with its teeming stalls and bustling boutiques.

Local specialties

Get a taste of Congolese culture by browsing for unique local arts and crafts. Tribal print fabrics are on sale throughout the market and make for a fine souvenir or gift. The colorful prints are commonplace across Congo and Africa in general and can be found as fabrics, bags, clothing, shoes and other items. If you're a fan of all things that sparkle, then you will love the selection of African-inspired jewelry on offer. Hunt for locally produced waist beads, necklaces, ankle bracelets, or just a pair of unique earrings – handmade and inspired by different cultures from Nigeria, Mali and Ivory Coast. Another local thing that cannot be missed is the street food. Local delicacies include spicy pork chops and luscious fruit, all at cheap prices and incredible taste.

Fashion and beauty

There is a vast quantity of ready-made clothing options at Poto-Poto. From vintage to high fashion, the choice is yours. With the huge number of stalls, there's bound to be something that takes your fancy, and you'll be able to haggle to your heart's content with the local vendors. There are also many natural remedies and beauty products on sale. Find natural skin products or homemade products such as African black soap, shea butter and coconut oil for an approach to your beauty regime that's anchored in nature. Many extremely talented hair stylists are housed in the market, offering their services to customers from the street corners. If the idea of getting African-inspired braids such as cornrows, box braids or bantu knots appeals to you, then this is the place to go. You can also pick up beautiful wigs and weaves.

An authentic retail experience

Soak up the charm of the ultimate Congolese market experience at Poto-Poto. Whether you come home with handfuls of bargains and a full stomach, or just fantastic memories of a vibrant and buzzing shopping center – you'll find it to be a memorable place to spend a day.

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