Chad National Museum

Learn all about the proud history of Chad at this museum, founded in 1962, with fascinating exhibits and artifacts. The Musee National N'Djamena, or the National Museum of Chad, takes visitors through Chad's prehistory, protohistory, folk arts, crafts and traditions. Visitors to N'Djamena will no doubt find a visit to the museum, located opposite the Palais du 15 janvier, an enlightening and interesting one. 

Chad's ancient past revealed

Explore the museum's permanent collection, which examines the natural history, archaeology, and ethnography of Chad. The ground floor has a small exhibition of items relating to Chadian history and anthropology, including a display of photographs of significant historical events and reproductions of early cave art from the region. Browse through objects related to "pebble culture," the most ancient of archaeological cultures, which is characterized by primitive stone implements, made of heavy pebbles, that were shaped along the edges and used for hunting. 

Artifacts from this historic era, when people lived in the open and in caves, includes material from Amgamma cliff, axes, and arrowheads. There's also items related to the Boulala and Babalia people that were discovered at locations such as the Bouta-Kabira sanctuary, like masks, bronze objects, baked bricks and bone tools. There's also quirky items from the country's past such as petrified crocodile faeces, a rather novel exhibit, and a notable collection of musical instruments. However, the highlight of the museum has to be the skull of the Toumai Man. Widely regarded by the Chadians as the world's earliest human ancestor, this ancient discovery can be found on the second floor of the museum. 

Visiting Chad National Museum 

Exploring the two floors of this comprehensive museum, you'll learn a great deal about the country's noble heritage. The museum was established on October 6, 1962 in temporary quarters under the name of Chad National Museum, Fort-Lamy, which reflected the colonial name of Chad's capital. In 1964, it moved to the former town hall, near the Place de l'Indépendance. The recently built two story building now lies next to the National Library. All captions are in French, but it's easy enough to establish what the items represent if you don't speak the language. A trip to Chad National Museum will leave an impression of the rich history of Chad and it's strong contribution to art and culture around the world, so make a journey to this modern building housing a large collection of Chadian curiosities and antiquities.

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