Avenue Charles de Gaulle

A visit to Chad will likely lead you at some point to Avenue Charles de Gaulle—one of the main streets and the principal commercial avenue of the city of N'Djamena, the nation's capital. Avenue Charles de Gaulle runs roughly in a west-east direction through the city. The avenue as a whole is one of the areas of the city where shopping is concentrated, and where you will find the Grande Mosquee de N'Djamena, restaurants, bars, and markets.

The western end

To see foreign embassies and colonial-era buildings, head to the western end of this road, which is the commercial district. The western end is also part of the section of the city known as the "European Quarter" and is regarded as an affluent area. If you'd like to see some nature, the west end is only a few blocks from the Chari River. Ave Charles de Gaulle's western end intersects with Route de Farcha, near the N'Djamena International Airport. View the Place de la Nation, a square and monument created for Chad's fiftieth anniversary of independence. Stop and see a movie at Cinéma Le Normandie or walk over to gaze at the beautiful Cathédrale Notre-Dame de la Paix (Our Lady of Peace Cathedral).

N'Djamena's cathedral

Our Lady of Peace Cathedral was built in 1965 but destroyed in the Civil War in 1980. The church was rebuilt using most of the old structures from 1983-1986, then was restored in 2013. The cathedral holds considerable influence within the region and is where the Archdiocese of N'Djamena is seated. While it is currently undergoing more renovations, the colonial architecture and expansiveness of the church is worth seeing. According to the archbishop, the building's facade "invokes an image of two hands put together in prayer to implore God to bring peace to Chad."

The Grand Mosque

As you make your way back from the west end heading east you will find the Grande Mosquée, the largest mosque in Chad. You can see this large mosque with its prominent minarets from many places around the city, but it's worth a closer look as you make your way down Ave Charles de Gaulle. Across the street from the mosque, you'll also discover Grand Marche, the large central market where you can find and haggle for the perfect souvenir of your trip.

The eastern end

Continuing east on Avenue Charles de Gaulle will ultimately lead you through the Paris Congo residential area and toward other residential areas of the city. If you choose to explore the east side, you'll find more mosques and churches scattered throughout the area.

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