Thermes de Spa

When you are visiting Belgium, Thermes de Spa should be on your must-visit list for an ultimate relaxing holiday. If you are in the area of Liege or staying in Brussels, take a day trip to Thermes de Spa for an ultimate rejuvenating experience. The famous balneotherapy sessions of the spa have been open to the public for over hundreds of years.

A spa from the 16th century

The history of Thermes de Spa dates back to the 16-century when people would travel to Lubin to practice balneotherapy, which was considered not only a relaxation method but also a way of alleviating diseases and cardiac affections. Thermes de Spa, called Spa Belgique, used to be the queen of spas during that period and was regularly visited by the royal family of Belgium as well as by many distinguished personalities and monarchs from other parts of the world. Queen Marie-Henriette lived in Spa for several years and, contributed to the area's popularity. She died in 1902 and one of the thermals springs was named in her honor as The Marie-Henriette spring. During the First World War, tourism ceased in the region and the spa was used by Germans as a hospital. It was in the 1980s that a new building was designed by the famous architect Claude Strebelle.

A variety of treatment and relaxation options

Thermes de Spa is known for balneotherapy, which is famous as an alternative cure for various ailments. The balneotherapy sessions involve bathing in different ways using medicinal spring water. It contributes to relaxation of the body, blood circulation, metabolism stimulation, and is also extremely beneficial for the skin. When you visit the spa, you can opt for different bathing options depending on what you are looking for. A popular choice is the carbonated bath in copper bathtubs – the favorite of Queen Marie Henriette, Victor Hugo, and Tsar Peter Legrand. This bath involves distribution of carbon dioxide microbubbles at 36 °C. When you immerse yourself in this water, you will feel your stress fading way and you will feel extremely relaxed. In addition, the presence of iron in the medicinal water will draw out impurities from your skin and make it really soft. You can also try one of the other exclusive Thermes de Spa offerings, such as the Peat bath, Niagara bath, or Thalaxion bath among others. Irrespective of the option you choose, the mineral water therapy will surely invigorate and relax you. The spa also offers a combination of treatments in different packages for patrons who want to take their experience to the next level.

Good to know before you go

It is better to book an appointment for spa treatment before going to ensure availability, however, but you can also show up on the day to enjoy other amenities such as the indoor pool, the restaurant, the sauna or even a massage. To make your experience more exciting, ride the funicular to reach the spa and enjoy a beautiful view of the area.

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