The Royal Palace & Park

It is not every day that you get a chance to walk in to the King's office and that is what the Royal Palace is. It is the administrative residence and main workplace of the King, where he works with his staff. In this "office," he receives the state guests comprising the likes of royalty, heads of state, ambassadors, among others. Located on the south side of the Parc de Bruxelles, the Royal Palace is one of the most prominent buildings in the city. Since 1965, a tradition has been in place to open the Royal Palace to the public during the summer after the National Holiday of 21 July until September. If you are visiting Brussels during this time, do not miss the chance to get this glimpse of royal life.

Inside the Royal Palace

You will be greeted with majestic interiors and grandeur fit for royalty. As you walk up the main stairway and vestibule, the stone columns, the marble staircase and ramps, the statue of Minerva along with the wide bay windows transport you to a different world. Soak in the royal atmosphere as you wander through different parts of the palace, such as the Large Anti-chamber, Empire room, Mirror room, Marble room, Throne room, Marshal's room, and Goya room. Different sections of the palace might be accessible at different times owing to the schedules of the royal family. 

The Park

After spending some time admiring the spectacular royal interiors, it is a good idea to head out for some fresh air to The Brussels Park, also known as Parc de Bruxelles. It is the largest urban park in the city and easily accessible due to its central location. With its own theater and tree-lined paths, this park is the perfect spot to take a break and is popular among tourists and locals alike. As you wander around the beautiful park, you can't help but marvel at this unique location, which is in the flanked by the seats of power—the Royal Palace on one side and the Palace of the Nation (the parliament) on the other side.