Mini Europe

Go on a journey around Europe

Step into the shoes of the fictional character of Gulliver as you go on a journey around the major cities of Europe in this park aptly named Mini Europe. Once you step in to this park, you can't help but wonder if you are in an alternate world like Gulliver in the land of little people. This unique park has miniature replica models of over 300 monuments from 27 different European countries. As you amble from one country to another without any visa or passport, be ready to be captivated by the attention to detail in each scene, monument, and city. Take a journey through history with working models of historic events that have shaped the continent—the eruption of Vesuvius, the fall of the Berlin Wall, and so on. 

Mini Europe offers a unique experience for everyone—some visitors relive their European memories as they wander around the park, some share anecdotes with friends and family about the city they have visited, and some are just inspired to go and see the "real thing." The in-house restaurant is a good place to stop by and relax after touring the miniature continent.

Fun & learning rolled into one

This family-friendly destination offers a fun day out along with many learning opportunities. The opportunity to see world-famous moments up close, with their minute details, is intriguing. The Spirit of Europe exhibition is an interactive display that gives visitors an in-depth understanding of the European Union in a hands-on manner. A special catalog is included in the adult ticket price, which lists details about each of the cities, scenes, and monuments along with fun anecdotes.

Getting there

Mini Europe is located inside Bruparck, next to the impressive Atomium. It is easily accessible by public transport from the Brussels central station and the town square.