Antwerp Zoo

Visit the Antwerp Zoo and explore the rich history of one of the oldest and best known zoos in the world. Located in the heart of Antwerp, beside Grand Central Station, the zoo has been a central feature of the city for more than a century and is home to more than 950 species and 5,000 animals. Today, the Antwerp zoo is a green oasis which attracts more than a million visitors annually, who come to explore the grounds and interact with the animals. Antwerp Zoo opened its doors in 1843 with the founding of the Royal Society of Zoology, and was originally established to encourage discovery and learning in zoological and botanical sciences. The buildings and gardens in Antwerp Zoo are listed as monuments in the city and the zoo plays host to a number of cultural events from live concerts to education programs throughout the year.

Amazing wildlife

Explore the zoo and be astounded by the diverse wildlife living there, such as buffalo, penguins, lions, various birds, and a butterfly garden. Rare and endangered species such as the Indian lion, red panda, and even okapi, a native mammal to the Ituri Rainforest, make their home in the zoological garden. Walk among chimpanzees and gorillas in the Valley of the Great Apes, or wander through the Buffalo Savannah, where Cape buffalo, giraffes, zebras, and birds live together in peace. Enjoy stunning panoramic views from the Skywalk, where you can peer over the historical garden and get up close to the red pandas.

Paying a visit to Antwerp Zoo

Visitors can navigate through the garden at their own pace, and a helpful map helps direct guests to points of interest throughout the grounds. A daily schedule of feedings also offers the opportunity to see greater interaction with the animals. The extraordinary thing about Antwerp Zoo is its location in the middle of downtown Antwerp, close to the train station and other local attractions and landmarks. It's also part of the city's meeting and convention center, which plays host to many corporate events from around the world, so it's easily accessible for those in the city for meetings and corporate events. The facilities at Antwerp zoo are scarcely less impressive; there is a birdhouse, reptile garden, aquarium, and even Vriesland—or freeze land—a specially designed ecosystem that houses sea otters, king penguins, and sea lions. The diversity of nature and the sophistication of the facilities at the zoo make this not just a zoo, but a full wildlife experience the whole family can enjoy.