Chittagong Commonwealth War Cemetery

Visit this historically significant war memorial and cemetery in the Dampara locality. Chittagong War Cemetery is a burial ground of the soldiers who died in the Second World War in the eastern front as well as a memorial for members of the Indian Navy and Indian Merchant Navy who were lost at sea during the same conflict.

Where to find the cemetery

The cemetery is situated on a site which was formerly paddy fields adjacent to a horseshoe-shaped hill, but has now been developed. It is 22 kilometers north of the airport and 8 kilometers from the port. It lies on Badsha Meah Road, near the arts college and close by Chatteshanry Road, a well-known road leading to the Hindu Kali Bari Temple. The cemetery is located at the bottom of a slope directly behind Finlay's Guest Houses and is surrounded by a large area planted with a mixture of jungle trees, fruit trees, and flowering trees. Not easily seen from the road, a narrow tarmacked lane leads from the entrance gate to the burial area, which can be entered through a metal gate surrounded by two small brick chapels.

History of the cemetery

The Chittagong War Cemetery was created by the British Army. During World War II, the pioneer camp of the Fourteenth Army of the allied force was set up in Chittagong alongside facilities for army training and a hospital. The hospital remained operative from December 1944 to October 1945 and initially 400 corpses were buried in this cemetery under the supervision of the army. At the end of the war, the bodies of those who lost their lives were also brought to this cemetery from other temporary burial places in Lusai, Dhaka, Khulna, Jessore, Cox's Bazar, Dhowa Palang, Dohazari, Rangamati, and Patiya.

Solemn memorial to the fallen

From the original number of about 400 Commonwealth war graves situated here, the amount has grown to 731, 17 of which are unidentified. The victims were soldiers, airmen, and sailors, and came primarily from the United Kingdom, but many also came from India and other parts of the Commonwealth, as well as other foreign nationals. Within the cemetery you'll also find the Chittagong Memorial which commemorates over 400 sailors of the former Indian Navy and more than 6,000 sailors of the former Indian Merchant Navy who were lost at sea during the war years. The names of these seamen and naval personnel who died and the names of 15 ships sunk during the war are available in a finely bound volume kept in a structure of the cemetery.

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