Batali Hill

Climb the highest hill within the Chattogram Metropolitan area to enjoy panoramic views of the city and the surrounding area. Batali Hill is 280 feet high in the city and is located near the Tiger Pass crossing. Just one kilometer from Zero Point in the center of the city, the hill falls under the Pahartoli Thana district. Many people from the local area and further afield enjoy a trip to this scenic landmark of Chattogram, as they appreciate the fresh air and picturesque scenery. It's particularly popular in the evening, in order to see the magnificent sunset in the Bay of Bengal.

Visiting Batali Hill

Reach the hill via the Tiger Pass crossing, which is located nearby. The road leading up the hill wraps itself around it like a scorpion tail, allowing you to steadily climb and take in various vistas as you twist around the elevated natural feature. The highest peak is called the hundredth place and, from here, you can see all of Chittagong city. During the Second World War, a cannon was placed at this point as a strategic defense. Admire the bird's eye view and take in the beautiful, green, and natural surroundings as you pause to catch your breath at the top.

Things to do near Batali Hill

The hill is situated near some other local attractions that are worth exploring while you are in the area. Foy's Lake, the largest man-made lake in Chattogram, is situated next to the hill. Created in 1924 by constructing a dam across the stream that flows down from the hills in the northern part of Chattogram, it also has an amusement park on the site. The hill has the Batali Hill Mosque. This place of worship is a peaceful place to pray, while also offering pleasant walks around it, with views of the sea. There is also an Eternal Flame ("Shikha Onirban") to admire nearby, which commemorates martyrs of the Bangladesh Liberation War. The hill lies near the Tiger Pass, too. This busy traffic intersection is beautified by the addition of a wonderful and large tiger statue that is a great photography opportunity. This area also serves as a good access point for the Batali Hill, as buses stop here. After admiring the impressive statue, visitors can browse the shops and cafes surrounding it. From jewelers to confectionery stores and coffee shops, there is something for everyone who is seeking refreshment or looking for a keepsake from their trip. A trip to the natural tower that is Batali Hill is a fantastic way to see the local area from high up, and see spectacular sunsets. It's a must see while you're staying in Chattogram and the surrounding area.
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