Getreidegasse shopping street

Make your way up this bustling thoroughfare in Salzburg's Old Town for a memorable shopping experience. The Getreidegasse's old world charm and fame due to its association with Mozart makes it a must-see street, while offering a mix of international designer stores and boutiques. Huge numbers of locals and tourists flock here to sample the shopping opportunities, as well as the traditional inns and historical businesses along the road.

Attractive and distinctive

Stroll down streets lined with pleasant old houses, often characterized by beautiful doorways and windows that become steadily smaller from the first floor up. The houses are often decorated with important dates in their history, names of former owners, and even the eye of God. Through-houses are very typical of the district. These buildings act as passageways between different streets and often feature art galleries and shops. The most famous of these is the Schatz House, which leads from No. 3 Getreidegasse to University Square. It contains a relief depicting the Madonna with the baby Jesus.

High-quality wares

The Getreidegasse is best known for its wide selection of international fashion chains, traditional shops, and wide range of dining opportunities. Shop for jewelry, accessories, leather goods, antiques, stationery, and perfume, or stop in to grocery stores and delicatessens for fine food items in this treasure trove of excellent produce. Enjoy the ornamental guild signs on display, produced by the Wieber metalworking shop on the same street.

Mozart's birthplace

Another good reason to visit the street is a rather famous former resident. The musical wunderkind was born at Number 9 back in 1756. The musician's family rented an apartment in the house of the wealthy merchant Lorenz Hagenauer. The streets are often full of sellers with a huge variety of Mozart-related memorabilia to purchase—the perfect opportunity if you are a fan of the virtuoso.

An intriguing history

The Getreidegasse has been a major road since Roman times, when Salzburg was still known as "Luvavum." It was, for centuries, the only major road across Salzburg and toward Bavaria. It is unclear where the name of the street came from. "Getreide" means "cereal" but it is unlikely to originate from this, as it was originally called the Trabegasse, stemming from the verb "traben," meaning "to trot." It has historically always been one of the finest neighborhoods in Salzburg, where many doctors, breweries, rich merchants, and wealthy craftsmen lived. A visit to this shopping street is not just a chance to pick up some top-quality gifts and souvenirs, but a walk through history.

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