Radisson Hotel Group increases focus on supply chain sustainability; announces partnership with Ecovadis.

Brussels - 16 December 2021

As part of its pathway to a net-zero carbon future by 2050, Radisson Hotel Group partners with Ecovadis, the world's most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings.

Recent supply chain pressures, risks and social impacts of global shocks like the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change, make supply chain transparency and risk management essential for Radisson Hotel Group, one of the world’s leading hospitality groups with 1600 hotels and 9 distinguished brands in 120 countries.

Today the company announces its partnership with EcoVadis that aims to extend the EcoVadis Rating to its global supply chain. Together with EcoVadis, Radisson Hotel Group is working to increase transparency, advance positive action for people and planet, support risk identification and mitigation, and measure and reduce scope 3 emissions of key suppliers.

EcoVadis helps companies to make more sustainable procurement decisions, while positively incentivizing trading partners that align with their sustainability practices.

Radisson Hotel Group has itself been rated by EcoVadis, with a score performance at the Silver Medal recognition level since 2017, putting the company into the top 8% of the Accommodation industry and top 25% of performers worldwide.

The cooperation will also extend the recognition of the Hotel Sustainability Basics, an industry initiative Radisson Hotel Group recently helped launch, to the group’s supply chain. With EcoVadis, vendors will be able to contribute to raising the starting point of global hotel sustainability, both through their own operations as via the delivery of products and services to Radisson Hotels.

 Iñigo Capell, Global Chief People & Resources Officer Radisson Hotel Group, says: “Radisson Hotel Group has always taken responsible supply chain actions very seriously, as illustrated for example by our Supplier Code of Conduct and by being one of the first hospitality groups to issue a Modern Slavery Statement. The cooperation with EcoVadis allows us to take transparency and the promotion of responsible actions in our global value chain one step further. This is especially important as our guests, clients and stakeholders increasingly expect full value chain sustainability from global brands such as Radisson.”

Emily Rakowski, Chief Marketing Officer EcoVadis, says: “The sustainability impact of any company is in large part dependent upon the performance of its suppliers. Our partnership with Radisson Hotel Group will help the organization engage its suppliers in the sustainability improvement journey by integrating sustainability ratings into procurement decisions, with the goal of building resilience, driving positive impact, and enhancing results.”

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