Modern conference center in the heart of Tallinn

Our multi-functional meeting & event facilities in the heart of Estonia's capital city are suitable for a variety of events, such as international conferences with plenary and workshop sessions, seminars, meetings, contact fairs, exhibitions, festive receptions or gala dinners. Renovated in 2017, our conference center can accommodate groups ranging up to 500 guests and provides the latest audiovisual technology, translation equipment, and free high-speed Wi-Fi for all delegates.

The success of the event depends on the combination of elementsthe program, the venue, the facilities, the food and the entertainment. We can help you reach the ideal combination and make everything work together to make your event a memorable success. Contact our professional Event Coordinators for additional information and reservations.

Key features

  • 13 meeting rooms

  • 500 person max. capacity

  • Free Wi-Fi

  • High-quality audiovisual equipment

  • LED/LCD projector

  • Microphone

  • Catering service

  • Individual room climate control

Meetings & Events facilities

Choose from among the variety of our flexible and multi-functional meeting rooms, designed to meet the needs of all kinds of different events. Whether you're organizing a large conference with multiple breakout rooms, a small meeting for just a couple of people, or an elegant gala dinner, we're certain you'll find something to suit your needs. All 13 meeting rooms are equipped with modern presentation equipment and free WiFi so that you don't have to worry about the basics. If you're looking for a different setting, our suites and banquet halls might be just the right option.

Alfa 3

Our grand Alfa 3 provides natural daylight and can accommodate events even up to 500 guests. Enjoy our innovative technology solutions, like the cutting-edge 165'' FHD video wall for the ultimate presentation experience, and a special light solution for creating the right atmosphere for your event. International events can benefit from built-in translation booths with specialist equipment.

Radisson Blu Hotel Olumpia, Tallinn - Meeting Room

Alfa 1 & 2

Accommodating up to 300 guests, Alfa provides the same innovative technology as Alfa 3. Or divide the hall using movable walls and use just half – Alfa 1 or Alfa 2, which can host respectively 120 and 150 guests.

Radisson Blu Hotel Olumpia, Tallinn - Meeting Room Alfa


Specially designed to elevate your efficiency and creativity, Lambda is equipped with flexible furniture that gives you the space to think and amenities that help stimulate ideas. Our 82'' screen helps to turn your presentation or brainstorming into a truly unique experience.

Radisson Blu Hotel Olumpia, Tallinn - Brain Box

Other meeting rooms

Offering a various options in regard to capacity and style, we can find a suitable option for every event, whether it's a meeting for a couple of people or a conference for hundreds of delegates. Each meeting room is equipped with modern presentation equipment and free WiFi. Many rooms can be divided or united using a movable wall, offering extra flexibility.

Radisson Blu Hotel Olumpia, Tallinn - Meeting Room Beta

Banquet halls

Choose one of our banquet halls for a festive reception, elegant gala dinner, or corporate party. The main banquet hall can host seated events for up to 120 guests and stand-up events for up to 200 guests. The smaller banquet hall Zeta is perfect for smaller gatherings, being capable of hosting seated events for up to 40 guests and stand-up events for up to 60 guests.

Radisson Blu Hotel Olumpia, Tallinn - Meetings and Events

Jewel suites

Each designed and named after a jewel, our suites on the private jewel floor are perfect if you need a different setting and cozier environment. Our jewel suites have all the necessary items for a small meeting, providing a table for 6 and a TV which can be connected to your laptop or smartphone. Jewel Suites are also a great option if you wish to combine your stay with meetings, as each has a separate bedroom and living room.

Radisson Blu Hotel Olumpia, Tallinn - Jewel Suite

Presidential suite

The luxurious presidential suite with views of the Old Town is a unique venue for smaller parties and receptions. Treat your guests with delicious refreshments and enjoy the elegant atmosphere of one of the largest (189m2) presidential suites in Tallinn.

Radisson Blu Hotel Olumpia, Tallinn - Presidential Suite

Food & Drink

Whether a small meeting with a couple of people or a big conference with hundreds of guests, offering the right food in the right way is a key to a successful event. Keep your mind fresh with our meeting coffee breaks, enjoy elaborate lunch buffet, or elegant dinner—we offer a wide selection of different options and menus to choose from.

Radisson Blu Hotel Olumpia, Tallinn - Lounge

Lobby bar

A welcome drink or a more casual get-together after a long meeting day can be arranged at our lobby-bar offering refreshing drinks and delicious snacks.

Our lobby bar features 50 seats.

Private banquet halls

Our 2 banquet halls are perfect for private lunches, gala dinners, receptions, and parties.

The main Banquet Hall can host seated events for up to 120 guests and stand-up events for up to 200 guests.

The smaller banquet hall Zeta can host seated events for up to 40 guests and stand-up events for up to 60 guests.

Radisson Blu Hotel Olumpia, Tallinn - Restaurant
Radisson Blu Hotel Olumpia, Tallinn - Meal

Lunch and dinner

It is possible to host a seated lunch or dinner for up to 400 guests at our restaurant Senso, or offer a stand-up buffet for up to 100 guests at the conference center foyer.

Our menus are designed to offer amazing culinary experience, at the same time meeting different taste and dietary preferences.

Innovative technology

Technology plays a very important role in the world of meetings and events. We can provide state-of-the-art equipment and technological know-how for very small meetings, as well as for big conferences.

Convenient presentation equipment

All our meeting rooms are equipped with great audiovisual equipment for convenient presentation experience:

- Data projektor + screen or TV-screen, which can be easily connected to your laptop
- Sound system
- Flipchart

It's also possible to request additional technical equipment. Simply ask our professional event coordinators for an offer. If you're not sure which equipment you need - our competent technicians are glad to help you out and suggest the best possible solutions which would support your event.

Radisson Blu Hotel Olumpia, Tallinn - Meeting Room

FHD video wall

It's possible to use a cutting-edge FHD video wall in the meeting rooms Alfa and Alfa 1. The high quality of the video wall takes your presentation to a whole new level, making it especially good for showing photos and videos. It's even possible to show 4K videos and everything is well visible even if the meeting room is not darkened.

The size of the video wall is 2,04 x 3,63 meters which consists of 9 x 55'' Planar screens with a very narrow space (1,7 mm) between them. With additional rental equipment it's possible to split the video wall into several parts and even show different visuals on each of the 9 screens.

Radisson Blu Hotel Olumpia, Tallinn - Meeting Room

Special light solution

Our meeting rooms Alfa, Alfa 1, and Alfa 2 have a special light solution which helps to create the right atmosphere for your event, thanks to the changeable colors and intensity of the lights.

Radisson Blu Hotel Olumpia, Tallinn - Meeting Room


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