For a meeting to be successful, the planning needs to come together with the right meeting facilities, amenities and service. We bring together upscale services and products in different meeting packages to ensure your meeting is a success.
Radisson Blu Arlandia Hotel, Stockholm-Arlanda - Meetings Food

Meal package

With our meal package, your coffee breaks are set up in the conference lobby, close to your conference room. Here, you will also find water, coffee and tea. The lunch buffet is served in a relaxed atmosphere in the hotel restaurant, The Gate.

Morning coffee break
Ready-made sandwiches with toppings that vary daily, smoothies, fruit, natural yogurt and the opportunity to make your own müsli topping by mixing nuts, dried fruits, and berries. 

Lunch buffet
Choose from the full buffet of salads and freshly baked bread, different choices of hot dishes, soup and dessert. Mineral water and non-alcoholic beer is included. After the dessert, we serve coffee and tea.

Afternoon Coffee Break
Something healthy or something sweet? Choose one or give them both a go. We also serve fruits, nuts, and smoothies.

A unique conference activity - pilot for a day

Offer your meeting participants something out of the ordinary. While you're at the airport, why not try your hand at being a pilot? This unique conference activity, in collaboration with Flygstridsskolan, will bring your team together and create a memorable experience.

In flight simulators you can cooperate and fly combat missions together, learn to fly a helicopter, or fly our commercial Boeing 737-700 simulator. The on-site instructors are pilots with thousands of hours of experience.

Flygstridsskolan is located next to Radisson Blu Arlandia Hotel, Stockholm-Arlanda, and offers exciting flight experiences and extraordinary team-building activity.

Radisson Blu Arlandia Hotel, Stockholm - Conference activity | Flight simulator at Flygstridsskolan