Technology & Amenities

Designed and built to provide maximum flexibility, high-tech solutions are an integral part of the experience at Radisson Blu Airport Hotel, Oslo. The meetings spaces offer solutions adaptable to meet the needs of your event.

The building has a highly specialized energy system—making the venue greener than green. An advanced data system is set to control all heating and cooling. The system calculates how much airflow is needed for a set temperature based on the number of meeting delegates, as well as how much energy will be required by the facility in the coming hours.

Free internet

Whenever you attend a meeting or check-in to the Radisson Blu Airport Hotel, Oslo Gardermoen we offer free Wi-Fi with a minimum standard of 1 GB. With our easy-to-follow instructions, you can log on on to your corporate network, access email, download music, shop, do whatever it is you like to do online, and do it for free!

Please be aware that dial-up, modem, and other forms of analog Internet connections that require telephone lines will be charged a fee.

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Audiovisual equipment

With the newest of audiovisual equipment throughout our meeting facilities we want to ensure a productive flow from start to finish during your day.

As we are constantly seeking innovative solutions to keep developing our product, we have recently upgraded our audio visual system in our grand hall Valhall with 5 laser projectors, double Line Array-TOA Passiv HX7, double ceiling mounted EV sub, 42 inch monitor screen for the speaker and a 70 inch standing agenda screen.

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