Host a flawless event or conference in Aarhus

As the cultural and economic core of the region, Aarhus serves as a key location for conferences and events. At the Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, Aarhus we will ensure you deliver a smooth and impressive conference or meeting. Bookers and planners can benefit from audiovisual equipment, customized catering, modern amenities plus a range of flexible venues. Contact one of our dedicated meeting specialists to start planning your next business or social affair.

Key features

  • 33 meeting rooms

  • 3000 person max. capacity

  • Catering service

  • Free Wi-Fi

  • Reception

  • Printing services

  • Individual room climate control

  • Boardroom

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U Shape

Congress Hall

Congress Hall

1782 m2

Congress Hall
Boardroom: -
Cabaret: 684
Classroom: 1000
Rounds: 910
Theatre: 1600
U Shape: -
Congress Hall 1

Congress Hall 1

1386 m2

Congress Hall 1
Boardroom: -
Cabaret: 540
Classroom: 820
Rounds: 680
Theatre: 1350
U Shape: -
Congress Hall 2

Congress Hall 2

396 m2

Congress Hall 2
Boardroom: -
Cabaret: 80
Classroom: 189
Rounds: 180
Theatre: 315
U Shape: -
Scandia Hall

Scandia Hall

550 m2

Scandia Hall
Boardroom: -
Cabaret: 200
Classroom: 350
Rounds: 250
Theatre: 600
U Shape: -


180 m2

Boardroom: -
Cabaret: 64
Classroom: 125
Rounds: 80
Theatre: 247
U Shape: 54
No matching results found

Meetings & Events facilities

Our meeting facilities provide space for a wide range of possibilities and with movable walls the rooms can be adjusted to your individual needs. Thanks to our experienced team of technicians, florists, waiters and cooks the rooms are equally suited for international conferences and cozy family gatherings.

Aarhus Congress Center

The Aarhus Congress Center (ACC) offers event planners a wide range of possibilities. The facility is used for a myriad of events, concerts and congress.

Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, Aarhus - Meeting room

Conference rooms

Our conference department features 19 conference rooms located in the same area with up-to-date audiovisual equipment.

Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, Aarhus - Meeting room

Nortvegia Ballroom

The Nortvegia Ballroom is 1/3 of the Scandia Ballroom.

Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, Aarhus - Meeting room

Scandia Ballroom

The Scandia Ballroom offers flexible solutions including an elegant dining. The facility also offers a conference foyer, which is perfect for coffee breaks or welcome drinks.

Meeting packages

For a meeting to be successful, the planning needs to come together with the right meeting facilities, amenities and service. We bring together upscale services and products in different meeting packages to ensure your meeting is a success. Take a look at the featured meeting packages and promotions below.
Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, Aarhus - Breakfast

Restaurant meeting packages

The standard day meeting packages feature:

- Breakfast with coffee, tea, juice, fresh fruit, cheese and jam
- Afternoon break with coffee, tea, cake and fresh fruit
- Fresh water in the conference room
- Buffet lunch, including drinks
- Meeting room
- Parking, projector and free wireless high-speed Internet

All needs and wishes about our packages can be adjusted according to the wishes, needs and budget. For example, lunch can be replaced with sandwiches or wraps, if there is time for a seated lunch.

Other options could be the night sitting, half-day meeting, shelter or just a 3-hour short meeting. All applications can be met.

Green, CO2-neutral

Full-day meeting package (10 participants minimum) feature:

- CO2 neutral meeting via payment for CO2 neutral company
- Fair trade and local, organic foods and beverages
- Healthy, high-energy dishes
- Meeting room
- Parking, projector and free wireless high-speed Internet

Radisson Meetings - Carbon Neutral Support sustainability objectives

Incentive ideas in Aarhus

After a long work day or working week, there are many opportunities to relax in the center of Aarhus. It's easy to get around in Aarhus by either walking, cycling, or by public transport. Most of the city's attractions are within a 15-minute walk.

The city has many green spaces, forests, and beaches. Just opposite the hotel is City Hall Park, and behind the hotel building, you'll find the creative center, Godsbanen. Here you can experience everything from theater, creative workshops, cafés, and skater culture.

ARoS - Art Museum

Enjoy the "top of Aarhus." A trip to Rainbow panorama is a "must" when visiting Aarhus. The museum is a 2-minute walk from the hotel and offers a spectacular view over the rooftops.

Concert Hall

Right next to the hotel is the city's Concert Hall. In the Concert Hall, there is plenty of opportunity to experience culture. Enjoy everything from opera, theater, concerts, lectures and stand-up comedy.

City Hall Park

Just opposite the hotel lies the city's Town Hall and City Hall Park, which is a nice green oasis in the city. The park can be used for all sorts of activities including a scenic lunch break. Please let the hotel know, so lunch can be arranged "to-go".

Meeting technology

Designed and built to provide maximum flexibility, our high-tech solutions are an integral part of the Aarhus Congress Center experience. This means that our 14,000 square meters of floor space can be easily converted in a multitude of ways to suit the needs of any event imaginable.

The building is an architectural masterpiece — dominated by steel, glass, and several types of specially formulated types of concrete. The inside is no less complex. Walls, ceilings, and even our stage can be moved, sectioned off, or raised. Apart from the modularized floor space, state-of-the-art solutions in terms of lighting, communications, and audiovisual are built into the facility.

The building also has a highly specialized energy system — making the venue greener than green. The system is modeled on the complex but highly effective solutions found in the processing industry. All heating and cooling is controlled by advanced data systems that are set to calculate how much energy is needed to operate cooling compressors and how much energy will be required by the facility in the coming hours, and so on.

Free internet

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Whenever you attend a meeting or check-in to Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, Aarhus, we offer free internet with a minimum standard of 1 GB. With our easy-to-follow instructions, you can logon on to your corporate network, access email, download music, shop, do whatever it is you like to do online, and do it for free! Please be aware that dial-up, modem, and other forms of analog internet connections which require telephone lines will be charged a fee.

Audiovisual equipment

Meetings and Events - Radisson Blu

At Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, Aarhus our hotel and conference area features a 100-megabit internet connection, with both wireless and cable options available. We also offer modern equipment for video conferencing or online presentations. All of our flexible meeting rooms feature state-of-the-art amenities such as an LCD screen or projector with a sound system. Our personal conference planners, as well as our technicians, are ready to assist you with all the details, every step of the way. For larger gatherings, we also offer the possibility of having a technician on hand to help assist you with the equipment, ensuring a smooth execution and a greater sense of security during your event.

Contact our dedicated and professional team if you require other amenities and equipment.

Christmas Party

Discover our annual Christmas Party in December 

For the past twelve years, our special corporate Christmas dinner has been a huge success with over 1,200 festive guests joining us. This year, we will be hosting another unforgettable evening with top-class entertainment at the Aarhus Congress Center.