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Home to the National Forum of Music, Wroclaw hosts a surprising number of large-scale arts events and festivals given the city's modest size. With diverse festivals such as sacred music, theater songs, and jazz, the city's music scene offers a broad appeal. Wroclaw University also boasts beautiful concert venues, Leopoldinum Hall and Marianum Oratory. Other cultural attractions include the National Museum and the Panorama of Raclawice - a cycloramic battle painting. Take a tour through Wroclaw's Old Town for impressive examples of Renaissance and Gothic architecture, such as the historic Town Hall, and visit the Old Town's Market Square. Other impressive sites nearby include one of Poland's oldest botanical gardens and Centennial Hall with its surrounding attractions. Read more details about our suggestions below.

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Centennial Hall

1,47 mi / 2,37 km from the hotel
Attend a concert at or simply wander around this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Designed by Max Berg and constructed between 1911 and 1913, the hall is a center of arts, music and culture in the heart of Wroclaw.
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Market Square

0,58 mi / 0,93 km from the hotel
Situated at the heart of Old Wroclaw, this large market square dates back to the 13th century and was lovingly restored after World War II. Stare in awe at its medieval magnificence.
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The Museum of Architecture

0,11 mi / 0,17 km from the hotel
Visit this fascinating museum dedicated to collecting and showcasing incredible feats of design and art under one roof since 1965.
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