Discover the nearby sights of Jizan

Explore the wonderland of natural sites found near our hotel's location in Jizan, Saudi Arabia. Walk to the edge of the Red Sea directly from our resort, and watch the impressive cargo ships going in and out of the Port of Jizan, Saudi Arabia's main seaport in the south. Or head up the coast to find Beesh Beach, one of the most popular beaches in Saudi Arabia. Hike through the forests of the wildly beautiful Asir or Fifa Mountains, and then step into a therapeutic hot spring for an invigorating soak. While you're touring the countryside, be sure to visit the many archaeological sites and villages throughout the region. For a unique adventure, take a ferry to the Farasan Island Marine Sanctuary, where you can watch a herd of gazelle bound across the island and book a diving expedition to observe the beautiful coral reefs and protected species under the sea. Read more details below.

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Al Rashid Mall

1.9 mi / 3.05 km from the hotel
Explore a unique shopping center that has both modern stores and an 600-year-old souk under its roof. Don't miss its many attractions for the whole family!
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Farasan Islands

32.45 mi / 52.22 km from the hotel
Explore this archipelago comprising no less than 84 islands made of coral reefs and marvel at its pristine beaches, clear waters and rich wildlife.
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Fifa Mountains

3.11 mi / 5.01 km from the hotel
Hike up the mountains that are frequently described as "heaven on earth" and enjoy lush landscapes. Don't miss the hot springs for some pampering!
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