Hotel near city center and Avenue Charles De Gaulle

Discover local attractions in the area with our guide to what to visit to ensure a memorable stay with Radisson. There's so much to see and do conveniently close to our welcoming accommodation. Explore the local area around our hotel, including fascinating local landmarks, cultural highlights and key business destinations, so you'll make the most of your visit here.

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Avenue Charles de Gaulle

1.53 mi / 2.47 km from the hotel
Stroll down the city's main street and discover its numerous shops, restaurants, and cafes that attract both tourists and the local population.
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Chad National Museum

2.54 mi / 4.09 km from the hotel
Explore the country's history, art, and culture by visiting this impressive museum. Don't miss the skull of the Toumai man, the world's earliest human ancestor!
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Place de la Nation

2.67 mi / 4.3 km from the hotel
Across from the Presidential Palace, stroll through this square and admire its impressive sculptures while rubbing shoulders with tourists and locals alike.