Hotspots in Kristiansand

This area of Norway attracts business travelers and vacationers from all over the world, and it's no wonder when you consider the options nearby. From our Kristiansand city center hotel's desirable location, visitors can walk to several popular destinations less than a kilometer away. Quite a few more such as Agder Nature Museum and Kristiansand Cannon Museum are less than 13 kilometers away. Families with children may enjoy a trip to the Kristiansand Zoo and Amusement Park or to Hornes to see Mineral Park with over 1,000 minerals from across the planet. Read more below about our selected points of interest.

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Mineral Park

29.26 mi / 47.09 km from the hotel
You don't have to be a geology expert to enjoy this park all about stones and minerals. See more than 1000 minerals from across the world, carve your own stone figures, or go on a treasure hunt in the mountains!
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Kristiansand Cannon Museum

1.85 mi / 2.98 km from the hotel
Discover the pivotal role the Kristiansand Cannon played in defending the area during the Second World War. The museum explains the detailed history of the cannon in detail and contains artifacts from the war.
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0.61 mi / 0.98 km from the hotel
Humans have lived on this picturesque island for longer than Kristiansand itself but, after serving as a naval base, it's now a recreational area. Hike to discover old ramparts and enjoy views of the fjord and city.
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