Event Solutions

Get away from your usual work routine and bring the team together for fun-filled activities outside the office. These team building events are designed to put your creativity and imagination to the test and is a perfect way to discover different parts of Gothenburg.
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Brain game

This game will challenge your brain power and requires cooperation, strategy, knowledge, and commitment from each member of the team. Be ready for ever increasing intensity levels and a busy mind.

Escape Game

The Escape Game takes you and your coworkers into a fun challenge, where you must uncover clues, crack codes, solve puzzles, and work together as a team to beat the clock and escape the room.
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Mission Completed

In this ultimate team-building event, you and your coworkers will compete against each other in groups of five with only one goal in mind: complete as many challenges as possible to win. With a tablet and a backpack, your team will embark on an adventure through the city of Gothenburg. This activity requires knowledge, creativity, and a competitive spirit.