Explore the main sights in Diyarbakir

From our hotel in Diyarbakir, you can visit historical sites like the Great Mosque, the Virgin Mary Church and the Hasan Pasha Khan, an impressive caravansary that dates back to the 16th century. Discover the verdant stretch of land, known as Hevsel Gardens, that links the city to the Tigris River. This World Heritage site serves as a visible reminder of why the region is called the Fertile Crescent. Read in detail more suggestions below.

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İç Kale

5.18 mi / 8.34 km from the hotel
Explore the walls of the İç Kale extending over 6km and dating back to the Roman and Byzantine times. They are the second largest in the world, after the Great Wall of China.

Sülüklü Han

4.96 mi / 7.97 km from the hotel
Visit the cafe and promenade at this restored medieval inn, named for the medicinal leeches that were extracted from its well during the 17th century.
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Ten-eyed Bridge

5.03 mi / 8.09 km from the hotel
View this impressive and well-maintained bridge, with its 10 romantic arches reaching over the Tigris River. The bridge was built during the 6th century.