Endless possibilities in breathtaking Bodø

Here you get to experience spectacular nature without standing in line.

Experience wild, northern nature right at our doorstep. Go on a beautiful glacier hike in the midnight sun or sail on the world’s strongest maelstrom—Saltstraumen. Discover chalk-white beaches, kayaking in the fjords, and thrilling climbing facilities. You can also take the ferry to the nearby Lofoten Islands to admire the majestic mountains and watch the northern lights.

For your dose of culture, visit the Nordland's main cathedral and museum just a few minutes away from our hotel in central Bodø. A must-visit for those interested in history, the Norwegian Aviation Museum houses an impressive collection of vintage and modern planes.

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19.2 mi / 30.9 km from the hotel
Take a trip back in time to northern Norway's best preserved trading post: scenic Kjerringøy gives you a taste of life in a 19th century fishing community.
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7.7 mi / 12.39 km from the hotel
Visit this natural phenomenon called maelstrom and marvel at the world's strongest whirlpool, famous for the dramatic rush and fishing opportunities.
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Stormen Culture Center

0.11 mi / 0.18 km from the hotel
Book tickets for hot happenings at the Stormen Cultural Center: rocking concerts, conferences, art, and culture—all under one magnificent roof.
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Lofoten Islands

83.24 mi / 133.96 km from the hotel
Hop on the ferry and explore the picturesque Lofoten Islands. Adventurers can surf, kayak, or take a sea safari to see local wildlife. From September-March, you can catch a glimpse of the iconic northern lights—one of the world's most coveted natural phenomena.

Norwegian Aviation Museum

1.06 mi / 1.7 km from the hotel
Aviation fans will love a visit to this museum. Spanning 10,000 square meters, the collection highlights the history of both civilian and military aircraft. Be a pilot for a day with the flight simulator and experience famous planes such as the spy plane U-2, Starfighter, and Spitfire.

Hiking Trails

3.59 mi / 5.78 km from the hotel
Discover some of the world's most beautiful hiking trails in Bodø. Hike along the coastline, enjoy a family-friendly hike in Keiservarden, or try one of the trails in Sjunkhatten National Park—all promise unforgettable views. For experienced hikers, trek up Steigtinden, the second highest peak in Bodømarka.

Svartisen Glacier

45.92 mi / 73.9 km from the hotel
The Svartisen Glacier is the second-largest in Norway, situated in the Saltfjellet-Svartisen National Park, next to the incredible Holandsfjorden in Northern Norway. Just a two and a half hour trip from Bodø, the closest city, a visit to this glacier is a must-do from late May to late September.