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Discover local attractions in the area with our guide to what to visit to ensure a memorable stay with Radisson. There's so much to see and do conveniently close to our welcoming accommodation. Enjoy the beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean Sea, as well as excellent shopping malls, upscale restaurants, cinemas and nightclubs, all within walking distance of our hotel in the city center. Discover fascinating local landmarks, cultural highlights and key business destinations, so you'll make the most of your visit here. Read more below about our selected points of interest.

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Beirut National Museum

1.88 mi / 3.03 km from the hotel
Travel back in time to the prehistoric age and be taken through to the Roman, Byzantine, and Mamluk periods. Expect to see ancient sculptures, jewelry, and artifacts, which have been lovingly preserved and curated.
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Beirut Souks

1.57 mi / 2.53 km from the hotel
Comprising over 200 separate shops, the souks have long been the commercial heart of Beirut. Don't miss this area which unlike traditional souks, is also dedicated to fashion, restaurants, and architecturally stunning surroundings.

Jeita Grotto

9.94 mi / 16 km from the hotel
These natural rock formations are a wonder of nature. Jeita Grotto is so significant to the Lebanese people that it has come to be a recognizable national symbol and is must-visit attraction for anyone visiting the region.
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