Hotel's location in Gottingen, Germany is minutes from top attractions

Guests can walk to numerous cultural attractions, including St. Johannis Church and the picturesque Alter Botanical Gardens. After a day of sightseeing, attend a performance at the Deutsches Theater. The city hosts seasonal events like the Göttingen Literature Festival, the Mother Goose Festival, and the Christmas Market. Seven UNESCO World Heritage sites are within driving distance of the hotel's location in Göttingen, Germany. Check out some of our suggestions for nearby attractions below.

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1,53 mi / 2,47 km from the hotel
Visit this historic university, founded in 1734, that lends the city its reputation as the "city of science." Notable graduates include the physicist Max Planck and poet Heinrich Heine.
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Göttingen State and University Library

1,54 mi / 2,47 km from the hotel
See one of only four copies of the original Gutenberg Bible inside this historic library, founded in the 18th century. Today it is home to more than 6 million volumes.
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Old Botanical Garden

1,61 mi / 2,58 km from the hotel
Wander this historic, sprawling set of gardens, which feature eight greenhouses, plus a system of tunnels that connect the inner and outer parts of the complex.
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