Hotel in Amsterdam near international business area and Dutch attractions

The city of Amsterdam is full of cultural and historical sights, sights, sounds, tastes, and experiences. Head to the State Museum of Art to see outstanding works by Dutch masters. A visit to Anne Frank's house is a cold yet rewarding Amsterdam experience. Take a boat tour of the historic canals to see Amsterdam from a different perspective, or head to the city's amazing coastline with sandy beaches and the Zandvoort circuit. Below you will find more information about top attractions during your stay with us.

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A’dam Lookout

2.56 mi / 4.12 km from the hotel
Get a stunning view of Amsterdam from atop this 135-meter tower. If you're feeling especially adventurous, try Europe's highest swing, 100 meters above the ground.
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Van Gogh Museum

2.67 mi / 4.3 km from the hotel
Learn about the life and work of Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh. Dedicated to this world-renowned artist, the museum showcases stories and personal letters in addition to housing the world’s largest collection of van Goh artwork.


2.73 mi / 4.39 km from the hotel
The most visited museum in the Netherlands, the Rijksmuseum displays 8,000 objects of both artistic and historical significance.
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2.52 mi / 4.06 km from the hotel
A bustling town square noted for its vibrant nightlife, Leidseplein is home to street performers, nightclubs, restaurants, theaters, and boutique shops.
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Heineken Experience

2.8 mi / 4.51 km from the hotel
Beer drinkers may love Amsterdam's Heineken Experience. Located in a former brewery, this historic site is designed as a museum dedicated to Heineken's history and brewing procedures. Learn about this local beer and enjoy a glass at the end.

De 9 Straatjes

2.29 mi / 3.68 km from the hotel
Bursting with shops, cafes, and galleries, this neighborhood in the Canal District is the perfect spot for a day out.
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Canal tours

2 mi / 3.22 km from the hotel
What's a visit to Amsterdam without a canal tour? Choose your route from any of the iconic 160 canals, stretching over 100 kilometers. There are numerous tour companies that launch their cruises from different points throughout downtown, so visitors can choose one that fits their schedules.


3.08 mi / 4.96 km from the hotel
Bimhuis is a concert hall nestled on the Amsterdam waterfront. Every year, this music venue hosts as many as 300 concerts ranging from jazz and improvised music that reflect the diversity of Dutch culture.
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Artis (Zoo Amsterdam)

3.54 mi / 5.69 km from the hotel
Designed around conservation and education, Artis is a zoo, planetarium, and aquarium in one. Located in the heart of the city, it's an exciting, family-friendly attraction that's simple to fit in between exploring downtown.

Anne Frank House

2.03 mi / 3.26 km from the hotel
Anne Frank and her family hid in this house during the Nazi occupation of 1942. It is preserved as a testament to her life and the stories conveyed in her world-famous diary.
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