Explore fascinating and modern attractions near our grand St Petersburg hotel

Our hotel is conveniently located in the prestigious district of Vasilievsky Island where modern meets historic. Within walking distance from the hotel, find cultural gems such as the Erarta Museum and Sevkabel Port where you can stroll along the beautiful embankments. Find plenty of cultural and historical sites within 7 kilometers, including expansive art displays at the Russian Museum's Mikhailovsky Palace, the Peter and Paul Fortress, and concert productions at the Mariinsky Theatre. Other must-sees include Rostral Columns, the heritage building of St Petersburg University, and the legendary Kuntscamera Museum.

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3,1 mi / 5 km from the hotel
The Kunstkamera was the first museum in Russia, completed in 1727. The museum is situated on the Universitetskaya Embankment and features a unique collection of over 2 million items and artifacts.
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Sevkabel Port

1,42 mi / 2,28 km from the hotel
Once a factory along the waterfront, Sevkabel Port has been re-imagined into a cultural hotspot featuring food trucks, creative spaces, and a beautiful promenade with views of the Gulf of Finland.
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Erarta Museum

1,33 mi / 2,14 km from the hotel
The largest museum of contemporary art in Russia, Erarta is situated in St. Petersburg. Explore its impressive permanent collection of 2,800 works and intriguing temporary exhibits year-round.
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Zoological Museum

3,14 mi / 5,06 km from the hotel
Catch a glimpse of a mammoth, blue whale, or even a dinosaur at the Zoological Museum in St. Petersburg. With a collection of over 17 million species and 500 thousand on display, it’s sure to be an exciting and educational experience.
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Gazprom Arena

2,37 mi / 3,81 km from the hotel
Gazprom Arena is one of Eastern Europe's most visited stadiums, featuring a high-tech, all-weather design. Check out your favorite team play a match, take a tour, or enjoy a concert.

The State Hermitage Museum

3,45 mi / 5,55 km from the hotel
Plan ahead to make the most of this enormous collection of Western European art: over three million items, only a fraction of which are on display in 360 rooms.
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The Summer Garden

4,19 mi / 6,75 km from the hotel
Trace the geometric plan of the city's oldest park: delightful 18th century Dutch baroque style gardens, dotted with fountains, pavilions and sculptures.
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The Faberge Museum

4,44 mi / 7,14 km from the hotel
Be totally dazzled by the magnificently restored Shuvalovsky Palace - home to the world's largest collection of Fabergé's pre-revolutionary jewelled pieces.
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