Modern facilities and stunning views – hold memorable meetings and events at the Radisson Collection Hotel, Berlin

With an ideal location right in the heart of the capital, the Radisson Collection Hotel, Berlin, is your state-of-the-art meeting hotel with spectacular panoramic views of the most beautiful sights in the city. Choose your perfect event location from our sprawling 2,750 square meters of event space over 3 floors with 15 multi-function conference rooms. The outstanding architecture with plenty of natural light, cutting-edge conference technology, and our welcoming Yes I Can! service philosophy combine to create a meeting ambiance of the highest standard. Our superb central location in the Mitte District guarantees that you will have convenient access to and from your event by public transport. Our own underground parking facility makes it just as easy to arrive by car.

Instant Online Booking by Radisson Meetings

Save valuable time and book your next meeting in just a few clicks. Just enter your event details, check in real-time the availability of our meeting spaces, explore each room with 360 views, customize your meeting package and get instant booking confirmation. To make changes further down the line, just email us at and we'll process your request promptly.

Key features

  • 15 meeting rooms

  • 550 person max. capacity

  • Free Wi-Fi

  • Catering service

  • High-quality audiovisual equipment

  • Individual room climate control

  • Multilingual staff

  • Microphone

  • Flexible meeting room spaces

Meetings & Events facilities

For a formal banquet, gala evening, exhibition, conference, automobile launch, creative workshop, or a board meeting, the Radisson Collection Hotel, Berlin offers 15 of the most versatile and unique event locations in the city. The conference area on the ground floor boasts an impressive 1,340 square meters 10 multi-function, air-conditioned conference rooms, a generous foyer full of natural light, and a spectacular outdoor terrace.

The DomLounge on the 7th and 8th floors is the perfect venue for exclusive events, boasting 5 meeting rooms and 4 foyers spread over 1,400 square meters. Enjoy the unforgettable panoramic views of the city and some of Berlin’s top sights. Our state-of-the-art conference technology, high-speed Wi-Fi, and stylish interior design create the perfect ambiance for a successful event.

Foyer - Ground floor

Our spacious foyer is over 65 meters long and features a plenty of natural light from the 5-meter-high futuristic glass roof. The foyer is a superb venue for events of all types, with space for up to 550 attendees, and features direct access to the spacious outdoor Spree Terrace.
Radisson Collection Hotel, Berlin - Foyer

Saphir 1 & 2 function rooms - Ground floor

Located on the ground floor, the Saphir 1 and 2 are both multi-functional event room with space for up to 200 and 250 attendees respectively. These two multifunctional rooms can be combined to make the largest conference room on the ground floor, with 370 square meters of space and 3 built-in projection screens. In this combination they provide theater seating for 437 attendees, classroom-style seating for 250, or 10-seater round tables for 250 attendees.
Radisson Collection Hotel, Berlin - Meeting Room Saphir 1&2 Parliament

Rubin function room - Ground floor

This room is located on the ground floor, its square shape makes it extremely versatile and features a built-in projection screen. Rubin has a maximum occupancy of 100 guests for receptions, 118 attendees for meetings with theater seating, and up to 60 guests for banquets.
Radisson Collection Hotel, Berlin - Meeting Room Rubin Block

Aquamarin function room - Ground floor

Our Aquamarin room features a corner location on the ground floor and features wide panoramic windows for plenty of natural light. Other attractive features of this meeting room are the direct access to the Spree outdoor terrace and a built-in projection screen. It is ideal for hosting receptions for up to 100 guests, or for up to 50 attendees with classroom-style seating, and for up to 60 guests at round 10-seater tables.
Radisson Collection Hotel, Berlin - Meeting Room Aquamarin U-Form

Turmalin 1 & 2 conference rooms - Ground floor

Turmalin 1 & 2 are smaller, versatile conference rooms with floor areas of 24 and 57 square meters. Both rooms are on the ground floor and are perfect venues for smaller events with up to 20 or 50 attendees, respectively. By opening the partition walls, they can be expanded to a total combined space of 82 square meters. They can thus accommodate 84 attendees in theater seating, 46 in classroom style, 24 in U-shape seating or 60 guests at 10-seater round tables.

Radisson Collection Hotel, Berlin - Meeting Room  Turmalin Theater

Jade 1 & 2 group rooms - Ground floor

The Jade 1 & 2 conference rooms are on the ground floor, and each has a floor area of 26 square meters. They are ideal venues for small meetings, to be used as break-out or creative workshop rooms for up to 20 attendees. Where necessary, the partition walls can be removed, creating a combined space of 53 square meters. This provides space for up to 45 attendees in theater seating, 26 attendees in classroom seating, 16 in U-shape or as a block, and 40 guests at 10-seater round tables.

Radisson Collection Hotel, Berlin - Jade Meeting Room

Topas boardroom - Ground floor

Welcome to the Topas boardroom, an elegant ground floor meeting room with space for up to 20 attendees. It is an ideal venue for board meetings and small groups. The boardroom has an impressive ambiance featuring direct access to the Spree outdoor terrace and large panoramic windows boasting stunning views of the Berlin Cathedral. This room is equipped with a large oval conference table, the latest conference technology, and an espresso machine.
Radisson Collection Hotel, Berlin - Meeting Room Topas Block

Opal boardroom - Ground floor

The modern Opal boardroom features an exclusive, stylish interior and a built-in screen and whiteboard. Sophisticated furniture and an eye-catching conference table for up to 12 attendees complete this elegant setting for board-level meetings. An espresso machine and built-in electrical and data sockets create an ideal work environment, and the impressive designer lamp provides plenty of soft, natural light.
Radisson Collection Hotel, Berlin - Meeting Room Opal Block

Berlin Cathedral foyer - 7th floor DomLounge

With an impressive floor area of 243 square meters and flooded with natural light, the Berlin Cathedral foyer has a majestic ambiance. Located on the 7th floor, the foyer has 2 banks of wide panoramic windows with amazing views over the Spree and Berlin Cathedral. It's the perfect place for attendee registration, cocktails for up to 120 guests or banquets that seat 70. It can also be used as a lounge, with a dance floor and DJ booth. This foyer also features 7 pillars.

Radisson Collection Hotel, Berlin - Berlin Cathedral Foyer

Nikolai 1 conference room - 7th floor Domlounge

Meet smart. Nikolai 1 has a floor area of 401 square meters, which makes it the largest function room on the property and the jewel of the 7th floor. It features the innovative Apple AirPlay technology, giving the room a cutting-edge working environment. In addition to 2 built-in projection screens, Nikolai 1 is equipped with 7 additional 52-inch LCD screens which can be rotated in any direction. It can accommodate up to 400 attendees and showcases an impressive bank of windows with panoramic views of the Red Town Hall and the Television Tower on Alexanderplatz.

Radisson Collection Hotel, Berlin - Nikolai 1 - Dom Lounge

Alexanderplatz foyer - 7th floor DomLounge

The Alexanderplatz foyer is the second foyer located in the 7th floor DomLounge area and covers a total area of 202 square meters. It's the perfect place to host receptions for up to 90 guests, dinners for up to 60, for coffee breaks and as an extension of the Nikolai 1 meeting room. The futuristic lighting and the views from the expansive panoramic windows create an elegant atmosphere. Due to the unique location, holding your event in the Alexanderplatz foyer can be combined perfectly with an exclusive ride through the AquaDom.

Radisson Collection Hotel, Berlin - DomLounge Chairs

Spree function room

Petite yet perfect. That's how to describe the Spree meeting room in the 8th floor DomLounge area. With a floor area of 53 square meters and beautiful views of Berlin Cathedral, it's a perfect venue for hosting smaller events, such as receptions for up to 50 guests, dinners for up to 30 and meetings for up to 45 attendees in theater seating, 24 in classroom seating or 20 in square seating.

Radisson Collection Hotel, Berlin - Spree Function Room Boardroom Style

Museumsinsel foyer - 8th floor DomLounge

The 8th floor of the DomLounge features another spacious event location with a floor area of 152 square meters - the Museumsinsel foyer. If you are planning a cocktail reception for up to 60 guests or a relaxing, enjoyable coffee break - the spectacular views of the Nikolai Quarter, Berlin Cathedral and Museum Island give this foyer a unique atmosphere. Nice to know: the Museumsinsel foyer has direct access to the Spree and Nikolai 2 & 3 function rooms.

Radisson Collection Hotel, Berlin - Museumsinsel Foyer

Nicolai 2 & 3 conference rooms - 8th floor DomLounge

The Nikolai 2 & 3 multi-function conference rooms are the heart of the DomLounge conference area on the 8th floor. With floor areas of 115 and 127 square meters, they can each accommodate up to 100 attendees. By opening the partition walls they can be expanded into a spacious room with a floor area of 242 square meters. This expanded room is an ideal meeting venue for up to 200 attendees in theater seating. The wide panoramic windows afford majestic views of Karl Liebknecht Straße, the Red Town Hall and the Television Tower. This room is fronted by the Gallery, which connects the Museumsinsel foyer with the Nikolai 2 & 3 meeting rooms.

Radisson Collection Hotel, Berlin - Meeting Room Nikolai Parliament

Alex function room

The Alex function room is the perfect venue for holding small festivities in the 8th floor DomLounge area. The room has a floor area of 50 square meters and a small private foyer of 39 square meters. It's a spacious venue for events with up to 30 attendees, conferences with theater seating for up to 48 attendees, or classroom seating for 24 attendees or square seating for 20.

Radisson Collection Hotel, Berlin - Alex Function Room Auditorium Style

Meeting packages

Are you looking for a place to hold successful and relaxing meetings? Look no further! At Radisson Collection Hotel, Berlin you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your perfect event. Innovative interior design concepts, state-of-the-art conference technology, high-speed wireless internet access, and culinary delights will ensure the success of your event. Choose from our wide range of conference packages and extras. Enjoy a varied menu and our delicious buffets for optimal concentration. Beverage packages for a relaxed indulgence and delicious, vitamin-packed snacks for an energy boost in between. For a perfect ending to your day, enjoy a convivial aperitif at the bar.
Meetings and Events - Hotel generic - MandE - Generic - Team Building - Team High Five

Ideal for the healthcare sector

Our conference hotel in Berlin offers optimal support of medical and pharmaceutical companies, and the experienced meetings and events team will be available for personal guidance throughout your whole stay.

For meetings of pharmaceutical, medical, or healthcare companies, the hotel offers daily delegate rates that are adjusted to pharma guidelines and offers food and beverage costs no higher than EUR 60.

Incentive ideas for Berlin

Where past, present, and future meet: Berlin, where the time is now. Enjoy the beauty and diversity of Germany's capital city. You are invited to explore and enjoy the endless choices of amazing sights and exciting things to do. We invite you to choose from a range of customized incentive programs we have put together for your enjoyment during your event.

Berlin by boat

All aboard and ready to cast off! Discover the beauty of Berlin by boat. Follow in the seafaring tradition of Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer and explore the city jungle on a one-of-a-kind wooden raft and enjoy Berlin's architectural treasures from a unique perspective. See and feel history up close on a 7-lake hop, visiting unique UNESCO World Heritage Sites from Berlin to Potsdam. Not to forget the menu of gourmet delicacies en route.

Escape games

A thrilling teambuilding experience awaits you when you play one of the capital's ultimate Escape Games. Placed in a unique historical setting, the team must first solve a puzzle and then work together to get themselves out of a very tricky situation. Whether following in the footsteps of master detective Sherlock Holmes, on a prison break, or fighting an alien invasion, the name of the game is to stay cool, because the clock is ticking down remorselessly!

And action! The Babelsberg movie studios

Lights, camera, action! Join the film crew and experience the special kind of team spirit you need on location at Babelsberg studios. Feel the adrenaline rush of the world of stunts and special effects. Learn the tricks of the trade and how some of those iconic action movie scenes were made... and become a fearless stunt man or woman yourself. The idea's the same: courage, trust and expertise are just as important to create a successful stunt or perfect movie as they are for successful teamwork in a company setting.

City tour in vintage cars

The good ole days...the past is now the present when you are roaring along in a fleet of HANOMAG vans, the attack vehicles of choice for Berlin police SWAT teams in the 1960s, racing through the urban canyons and the wild west of Berlin. Experience both the well-known sights and the secret, hidden gems of the city and bring them along on your personal trip through the history of Germany's capital city.

Innovative technology

Enjoy modern conference equipment and innovative technologies at Radisson Collection Hotel, Berlin. At the touch of a button, all your meeting notes can be digitalized, and video conferencing can take place via the mega-tablet. 3D presentation formats and silent laser projectors ensure a smooth process and maximum productivity. For a quick connection, our high-speed Wi-Fi is provided throughout the hotel.
Meetings and Events - Hotel generic - Digichart


Transcribing notes is a thing of the past! Make your life easier with DigiChart. With the aid of this innovative technology, you can digitize flip chart notes with one click. Don't worry any longer about time-consuming tasks such as typing up meeting notes, photocopying, or scanning large pages. Now you can create information and ideas and share and collaborate with others in real time via Plug and Play. Some people still use flip charts, but we prefer smart charts.


Press to impress

Presentation, videoconference, or whiteboard: The Multipad combines all these within one interactive mega-tablet with a 55-inch 1080p (full HD) screen. Making the best impression at digital conferences is right at your fingertips: You can work with several programs; present and exchange various documents, formats, and graphics via touch; save notes and memos and send them via email; and more.

Interactive and international

For a large onsite audience, there is a silent laser projector at your disposal, as well as augmented reality for impressive presentation content in 3D format. Thanks to real-time sharing, your meetings can be broadcast from Amsterdam to Zurich. Use our stream team for guaranteed success.

Meetings and Events - Hotel generic - MandE - Generic - Meeting facilities - Boardroom
Radisson Collection Hotel, Berlin - Nikolai 1 - Dom Lounge

Apple® Airplay

Discover a new dimension of a first class conference venue in Berlin. The Nikolai 1 meeting room awaits you with innovative Apple®  AirPlay technology! An iPad is available for each event in the Nikolai 1 room, which can be used to directly control the light, the sound and the blinds. Speakers control their presentations easily and wirelessly via iPad without being tied to a laptop. The iPad can be used to display media content such as videos, pictures, presentations, or all classic office applications, such as PowerPoint, Excel, and Word, via a projector on two independent screens.

Internet included for conference participants

The perfect connection. In the conference room, in the lobby, and in your room. High-speed Wi-Fi access (1 Gbit/sec.) is available for all conference participants throughout the entire hotel. Make the most of your meeting with our state-of-the-art conference technology to which you can connect with one click on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Need more bandwidth? For meetings where large data volumes could be necessary, you have the flexibility to add a Prio-High-speed internet connection to your booking.
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Celebrate the wedding of your dreams at the Radisson Collection Hotel, Berlin. Enjoy a day like no other filled with warm embraces from all your loved ones and memories you'll keep for a lifetime.

Choose from a selection of beautiful event locations and our tailor-made wedding packages. Fall in love with our spacious, modern architecture in an unparalleled location in Mitte. Have we mentioned our DomLounge and the exceptional views overlooking the cathedral, museum island, and TV tower?

Enjoy your special day with us and our unrivaled, truly warm, and caring Yes I can! service. Your special day will be perfectly planned by our event professionals, who will be with you all along the way and guiding you through every moment of your amazing event. So all you have to do is relax and shine!