Discover a variety of things to do near Xintiandi

A stay at Radisson Blu Hotel Shanghai New World places you near some of Shanghai’s best things to do. Explore the famous Nanjing Road shopping area adjacent to the hotel, or walk down the road to reach People’s Square, where visitors can relax in its beautiful park, view powerful exhibits at the Shanghai Museum, and experience vibrant performances at Grand Theater. With just a 10-minute drive, you can walk along the Huangpu River admiring the Bund’s historic buildings or stroll the pedestrian-friendly Xintiandi area with its mix of historic housing, art galleries, restaurants, and entertainment. Want a respite from the city bustle? Tour historic Yu Garden for a tranquil retreat. For family fun, be sure to visit Shanghai Disneyland®. If you’re looking for high-octane entertainment, the races at Shanghai International Circuit are sure to satisfy.

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Dianshan Lake

30.58 mi / 49.21 km from the hotel
The largest freshwater lake in the city is also home to three golf courses and aquatic sports such as rowing, canoeing, windsurfing, and Chinese dragon boat racing.

National Exhibition and Convention Center

10.4 mi / 16.74 km from the hotel
One of the world’s largest exhibition, convention, and trade centers, this complex welcomes guests from all over the globe. The center is also home to several businesses.

Qingpu Museum

20.81 mi / 33.49 km from the hotel
This museum celebrates Chinese heritage and local history with more than 10,000 pieces in the permanent collection.

Shanghai Grand View Garden

16.15 mi / 25.99 km from the hotel
For a dose of serenity in the midst of Shanghai’s bustle, visit these quiet lotus pools and gardens as you stroll through exhibits on Chinese folklore.

Shanghai International Circuit

16.16 mi / 26.01 km from the hotel
This world-class Formula One circuit, built in 2004, features a stunning modern design inspired by the Chinese character shang. Take your seat among more than 200,000 spectators to enjoy the thrill of high-speed racing.
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Zhujiajiao Ancient Town

26.79 mi / 43.12 km from the hotel
Established about 1,700 years ago, this cultural landmark crisscrosses multiple local rivers in a series of canals and waterways. Stroll the ancient streets of this “water town” and walk across the many stone bridges that connect the area.

The Bund

1.08 mi / 1.74 km from the hotel
Magnificent views of Shanghai’s waterfront areas are guaranteed when you visit this historic district. Take a riverboat tour or walk along the Huangpu River to view the historic buildings on one side and Shanghai’s iconic modern skyline on the other.

Shanghai Disneyland®

13.2 mi / 21.25 km from the hotel
Kids and adults alike will be charmed by this magical theme park in Shanghai. Enjoy rides, meet Disney’s most beloved characters, and relive classic stories at this globally popular attraction.
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Yu Garden

1.22 mi / 1.97 km from the hotel
Relax and enjoy the tranquil surroundings of these historical gardens in the middle of the city. The extensive grounds feature pavilions, halls, rockeries, ponds, and cloisters—all with their own unique style.