Explore the main attractions in El Quseir

Located in the shore of the Red Sea, our hotel is nearby the main attractions of El Quseir. To make the best of your trip don't just enjoy the beach, take a day trip to explore the Egypt Desert, visit the Old Town of El Quseir to understand the local history and explore the famous Emerald mines. Find more information on our recommended points of interest below.

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El Quseir Fort

3.26 mi / 5.25 km from the hotel
Visit the 16th century fort and take a look at Bedouin cultural artifacts and trade goods before you climb the watchtower for spectacular views of the city.
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Old Town El Quseir

2.78 mi / 4.47 km from the hotel
Get a taste of the local culture by exploring the Old Town's bazaars, historical buildings, mosques, and charming narrow streets.
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The Egypt Desert

45.79 mi / 73.7 km from the hotel
Experience a unique adventure complete with awe-inspiring landscapes, mysterious oases, cultural and architectonic sites, temples, and much more!
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