Our Cesme hotel offers proximity to local attractions

Walk toward the beach and you'll see Aqua Toy City, a refreshing park of water slides and pools complete with a bar and restaurant. Cesme means "fountain" in Turkish, and the area is known for its hot springs and thermal baths. Find the Alcati town center only 5 km from our hotel as well as the Cesme Castle. Read more about our suggestions below.

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Cesme Castle

2.35 mi / 3.78 km from the hotel
Explore this castle built during the Ottoman Empire to ward off attacks from the Venetians. Each summer it hosts the town's international music festival.
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Cesme Marina

2.33 mi / 3.74 km from the hotel
Wander along the town's marina, where luxury yachts are docked and visitors dine outdoors, enjoying local cuisine from the restaurants running alongside the water.
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Cesme Museum

2.35 mi / 3.79 km from the hotel
Visit the town's museum, housed inside a 16th-century castle. The museum's collection includes Roman and Byzantine artifacts like statues and ancient coins.
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