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Explore the cultural allure of Milan with these top highlights:  Sempione Park is a 47-hectare large park near the Sforzesco Castle, just outside the historic center of Milan. There are a number of noteworthy buildings and monuments in the park such as a large triumphal arch and a more than 100 meter tall tower. The park is nicely laid out in a landscape style with winding paths, open grassy areas, tall trees and a picturesque bridge across a central pond. It is especially popular during spring and summertime when many events are held in the Sempione Park. Experience the park's surrounding area with Walk Alternative Art Milan, a walking tour that will show you city secrets like the Bosco Verticale towers and Porta Garibaldi, the city gate of Milan. Find more information on our recommended points of interest.

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Duomo di Milano

3.35 mi / 5.39 km from the hotel
One of Milan's more easily recognizable landmarks, the Duomo di Milano is a spectacular monument that should be on every sightseeing itinerary. Don't forget to take pictures in front of this Gothic and Renaissance masterpiece, which took about six centuries to complete.

Castello Sforzesco

2.68 mi / 4.31 km from the hotel
A scenic walk through Milan’s enchanting streets will lead you to this 14th-century fortification. For a time, the Castello Sforzesco also served as one of Milan’s grander residences. Today, visitors will find a variety of cultural museum exhibits.


3.7 mi / 5.95 km from the hotel
End a fun-filled day in Milan with a walk along the Navigli, the city’s landmark-lined canal system. During the day, visit the art galleries that are embedded within the side streets of Navigli Grande, or start your evening with an aperitivo or cocktail at one of the many canalside terraces.

Teatro alla Scala

3.17 mi / 5.11 km from the hotel
One of the world’s renowned Opera houses, the Teatro alla Scala is a must-see when visiting Milan. The neighborhood surrounding the Opera House is also filled with lovely squares and museums.

Via Montenapoleone

3.43 mi / 5.52 km from the hotel
Whether planning a shopping spree or wishing to see what gives Milan its fashion-forward reputation, make sure to visit Via Montenapoleone. Don’t forget your camera – this high-end shopping district hints back at the 19th century, when it was a preferred neighborhood for the city's top aristocratic families.

Cenacolo Vinciano (The Last Supper)

2.7 mi / 4.35 km from the hotel
Experience Leonardo Da Vinci's world-famous masterpiece, Cenacolo Vinciano (The Last Supper). Painted on one of the refectory walls inside the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, the 4.6 meter-high and 8.8 meter-wide treasure is open to visitors wishing to see it from the artist's original point of view.

Lake Como

22.49 mi / 36.19 km from the hotel
Sail around this magnificent lake surrounded by the Grigna Mountains and visit the picturesque lakeside towns with their quaint charm.
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Pinacoteca di Brera

2.87 mi / 4.63 km from the hotel
Discover one of the greatest art collections in the world at the Pinacoteca di Brera. A true treat for art and history-lovers, the gallery hosts numerous masterpieces in Italian art history. Afterward, exploring the neighborhood, surrounded by lovely, smaller art galleries, shops, bars, and restaurants.

Porta Nuova District

2.47 mi / 3.97 km from the hotel
Discover Milan’s innovative business district, characterized by modern skyscrapers, fashion and design shops, stylish bars, and numerous restaurants. Often described as futuristic, this unique neighborhood also showcases a revolutionary take on contemporary architecture, including a collection of luxury residential apartments with tree-covered terraces.

San Siro

1.91 mi / 3.07 km from the hotel
Home to two world-famous teams, the stadium is a must-visit for all football fans. If you can't catch a match here, at least go on a stadium tour.
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Shopping in Milan

3.27 mi / 5.26 km from the hotel
The style capital, Milan, is a shopper’s paradise. Browse in well-known designer stores or shop in independent boutiques for unique designer pieces.
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